Can you Smoke while water fasting? Free Tips To Avoid


Smoke while Water fasting? This is also a similar post related to fasting that I discussed in one of our postsCan You Smoke While Fasting?“. In this post, we generally focus on the question related to smoking and water fasting.

Can you smoke while fasting? My answer is, You could.
Smoking while fasting won’t affect the blood sugar level and also it seems to be less dangerous than the dry fasting. But if you are fasting for religious rituals than the answer might depend on which religion you are following. We covered all questions relating to smoking during the water fasting of Muslims, Hindus, Jainism, etc.

So this is the timeline of this post. I also try to cover all topics as well as the scientific facts that explain my opinions on smoking while fasting.

What is water fasting?

So before going further let’s discuss first, what is water fasting?

In water fasting, you can only able to drink fluid. In some religious fast, you can able to drink other drinks like tea and coffee.

But in case of fasting for other purposes, the answer is mainly restricted to the water smoking.

Types of Water Fasting

Ther is basically two types of water fasting;

One in which you can only drink water but in others, you can drink water with a couple of sips of other fluids like tea and coffee.

But majorly fruit juices are resisted. In the case of fasting for weight loss, you can drink fruits and vegetable juices as per your diet plan.

Can you smoke while water fasting for religion?

A. Islam

In Islamic fasting, you are prohibited to consume anything even your mouth spit.

I also already stated in another post why smoking is prohibited in Ramadan fasting. So you can’t drink water in Ramadan fasting. And This states the additional reason why you won’t smoke when on water fasting.
So again, water fasting is generally not practiced by Muslims in Ramadan fasting.

B. Hindu

Water fasting is generally practiced in Hinduism, and here you can drink other fluids like tea while water fasting.

Now you again had a question, “as Hindu you can smoke while water fasting?

The answer is, it depends. As there is no defined restriction of smoking tobacco or weeds like marijuana in Hindus. So, I am unable to define the proper answer to this question.

But it is good to advise from your guru or spiritual teacher about smoking cigarettes on a water fasting.

My opinions on water fasting and smoking for Karva Chauth fast, Monday fast, Tuesday fast or Navratri fast.

You shouldn’t smoke during these fasting. The reason is more spiritual than scientific. This fasting is not for the fulfillment of your needs but to show your faith and sacrifice in your gods.

C. Jainism

In Jainism, fasting is generally performed on their festive occasion which is in the month of monsoon called Paryushan.

But a Jain can fast anytime when he or she feels there is an error in his inner peace. They mainly perform fasting for maintaining their self-control.

On the above basis, in my opinion, a Jain shouldn’t smoke while water fasting. Because if your motive of fasting is self-control then smoking is also a habit that you should get controlled over it.

Water Fasting while Smoking for Test

A. Blood Sugar Tests and Donations

In the case of clinical blood tests, there are very few blood tests that required water fasting. Because of most the blood fasting required to be emptied stomach.

One of the main advantages of water fasting is that it makes your veins hydrated and plumper.

Hence, it becomes easier to draw blood out and also finding the veins for nurse become easier.

But again the question is smoking while water fasting can change the blood test result?

Considering the ideal situation of smoking two cigarettes in water fasting, in that situation it won’t change the blood test result that much.

And if you are thinking to donate blood, you should start drinking more fluids and then the idea of smoking must be strictly declined.

Note: And if you are new to blood donation then this is for you.
When I first donated my blood, there is a doctor who fills some tabs naming “only filled by authorities NOT personally”. There is a dedicated section of the question stated that
1. you are a smoker or not,
2. how much cigarettes you smoke last day

B. Fasting for Ultrasound

But fasting for ultrasound is a different subject. In fasting for ultrasound, one is restricted to eat any food but they are advised to drink water.

My friend had an ultrasound of pancreas and a lower abdomen, and the doctor advised her to drink an ample amount of water.

A study called Is fasting a necessary preparation for the abdominal ultrasound? stated that fasting is required in some abdominal ultrasound.

Ultrasound of pancreas & retroperitoneum were one has to drink water to observe the obscure bowel effect.

My Opinion, No, you shouldn’t smoke while water fasting for the ultrasound. As it is advisable that you shouldn’t consume any things for a minimum of 6 hours before ultrasound would be performed.

C. Urine test

Nicotine from smoking could be traced in your veins for about 3 days. Nicotine generally excreted through urination.

And as you drink more water in fasting the chance to drawn nicotine out from your blood is more.

And hence if you are not a heavy smoker then you can smoke a couple of cigarettes in water fasting.

Due to water in your bloodstream, it acts as an additional assurance to nicotine adverse effects such as nicotine dependence and insulin resistance as compared to dry fasting.

And it also decreases the chance of a condition where nicotine is used as body nutrition. And hence, it makes safer to smoke while water fasting in contrast to dry fasting.

But you should avoid carbonated beverages, during a water fast and smoking.

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D. Smoking when on a water fast for surgery?

It based on what types of surgery you opted to. Surgery such as joints, spine, and brain, smoking should be avoided if you are on water fasting.

It has been observed that smokers show post-surgical effects that impact their healing tendency of surgical wounds and cuts.

So you should stop smoking if you have an upcoming surgery.

Smoking while Water Fasting for Weight Loss

When you are cutting your calories to lose your tummy bank, then you can eventually understand what is the craving certain is.

And when you are on dry fasting then the carving sensation is more, but drinking water can reduce this hunger.

Smoking is known to be a craving reliever. Hence, when you smoke on water fasting then you can observe a more decrease in hunger feeling.

Hence, water and smoking on fasting can help you to reduces the food craving and help you to stay more time away from food. This seems to be a positive side of smoking when you are on the water fast.

And again, these arguments did not symbolize that you should smoke and water fast at the same time.

But my opinion is generally focused on can you or not? So, smoking cigarettes never be a healthy idea to depress your food hunger.

Can you smoke marijuana or weed while water fasting?

smoke while water fasting
Smoking marijuana or weed while water fasting

Yes, you can, it won’t break your water fast. But what else it does to your body?

A studied (I also discuss in our other post) that smoking marijuana can decrease insulin resistance. Therefore, the effect of nicotine decreases.

With sufficient water in veins, or fasting with water can further helps in reducing and maintaining the normal functionality of the body.

But in the case of pregnancy, the effect of marijuana is most adverse on water fast and smoking.
Effects like a delayed response to stimuli along with impaired thinking.

So, if a person is pregnant then you must ignore smoking marijuana in water smoking or even dry fasting.

Vaping and Water Fasting

You’re on water fasting, and you have a habit of vaping some e-liquid based vaping. And now you wondering what you can do this or not.

Based on my opinion and analysis, You can vape while on water fasting. This is because;

Vaping tends to be a calorie efficient i.e. they don’t add many calories in your blood system.

If you are fasting for religious norms, then sweeteners or flavoring agents might break your fast. As sweaters don’t generally employ in any fasting.

But again talking about the effect on sugar level, theoretically, there is not a big distinguishable result that may be seen.

If you have the urge to smoke you can switch to vaping or use nicotine quitting procedures like gums and patches.

But it is a proven fact that vaping is less harmful than smoking but this does not mean it is safe. So, the better you should avoid both.
And if you vaping to reduce your hunger spikes then it doesn’t make that spike off even temporary.

Health issues of Smoking while fasting

1. Smoking cause Insulin Resistance

Less insulin resistance is seen in the case of water fasting as compared to dry fasting. This is because water helps in proper circulation and function of the excretory system.

When there is a proper amount of water in the body, then the exertion of sugar from the cell is less affectable.

This proves the fact that more water in the blood helps you more urination and hence helps in maintaining the blood sugar level.

The risk of insulin resistance seems to be minimum in water fasting as compared to dry fasting. But the risk is always there, and if you add more cigarettes then this risk might be elevated.

So, smoking during water fasting theoretically decreases insulin resistance as compared to dry fasting.

2. Rapidly harms Your CNS

As you all know that our body is made amount 92% of water, and in the case of the central nervous system less amount of water hinders the proper functioning of the stimuli.

This is what you saw in dry fasting, where people more often feel sluggishness and impaired thinking and movements.

A sip of sugarless coffee or tea can also decrease the dizziness as these hot cups are means to serve your better in sluggishness and laziness which is generally seen when you’re low in calories.

3. Cardiovascular systems

As nicotine induces the narrowing of nerves, but when you are on the water fast, the effects of nicotine on nerves are less when you compared it with absolute fasting.

But if you smoke more even on water fasting you are building up various heart problems and the chances of getting disease related to cardiology also increase.

There are many theories that can relate to fasting with weight loss and great skin quality.

How water fasting helps your skin
1. Improves your skin hydration and less dryness
2. Helps to fight with skins problems
3. Diversify the melanin of skin, hence less dark spots are seen due to dry fasting.

And when you smoke cigarettes during water fasting then you are more prone to get yourself in trouble.

How not to smoke while water fasting?

These are well tested and proven tips that help you resist smoking in water fasting;

1. Eliminating the triggers

Triggers like your favorite lighter are always in your left pocket buddle with a packet of cigarettes.

2. Go Slowly

If you are a heavy smoker then it might be tough for you. But you can commit to yourself with not more than a couple of cigarettes a day.
Anyone should cut at least 50% of their cigarette consumption during water fasting.

3. Use distraction in your favor

You can use distraction as a stopping habit of smoking in water fasting. You can watch a movie or have a karaoke episode.
But changing the environment along with physical works well as in this your thinking and physical activity get changed.

4. Use quitting measure

You can use nicotine patches when you are on the water fast to minimize the urges of smoking.


So, at last, we are here in answer to the question “Can you smoke while water fasting?“. I try to cover all the aspects and the general queries explain the topic.

Smoking and water fasting is not a bad combination when compared with dry fasting. But still, one can’t resist that water fasting and smoking is not a good couple in a room.

So, avoiding smoking could be the best thing that you can do when you are on water fast.

General FAQs

1. Does smoking reduce hunger during water fasting?

Yes, it could. Many smokers claimed that smoking decreases hunger.
It also depends on how often you smoke. Smoking induces relaxation as well as hunger appetite. This relaxation is mainly due to two factors, one if nicotine, a CNS depressant.
And the other is the release of dopamine and adrenaline. Both can induce relaxation.

2. Can I smoke marijuana or weed while water fasting?

Yes, you can. It won’t affect your blood sugar level that much. But still, it can’t be a better substitute for smoking tobacco.

3. Does nicotine break your water fast? Nicotine Patches & Gums

No, it won’t break your fast and consider the best alternative to smoking cigarettes and smoking weeds.
Reason: A steady supply of nicotine from these patches will not disturb the normal blood sugar level and hence don’t breaks the fast for blood sugar test.

And this is also true for intermittent fasting. Hence nicotine won’t break your intermittent fasting.

4. Does Vaping break my water fast?

No, it won’t break your fast mainly because of two reasons, first is very calorie efficient, and it does not affect your blood sugar level.
So, you are not able to see that much of drastic changes in blood sugar levels in blood tests.

But if your goal of fasting is religious then it might break your fast, as of artificial sweeteners in e-liquids. But again these additives do not have any effect on your blood sugar level and also not helps in your hunger management.

5. Can u drink lemon water while water fasting?

Yes, you could drink lemon water while water fasting. In a religious fast, you can avoid sugar or other additives in lemon water. And in fasting for clinical purposes like fasting for the blood tests, urine tests, surgeries, etc. you can drink lemon water but more than 2 glasses.

You can check our article on 15 Benefits Why Smokers Shouldn’t Ignore Lemon Water.

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