9 Natural Blood Thinners that Preventing Clotting & Good For Health

Each of us has many home remedies in our head for blood clots. And, in the majority of cases, the patient required medical attention. But if you know some natural blood thinners then it works perfectly fine in reducing blood clots.

But what additional use of natural blood thinners? What are the common natural blood thinners? Questions like these are going to be discussed in the post. So, be with us, till the end. 

What are Natural Blood Thinners?

What are Natural Blood Thinners?

Those drugs or natural substances that are useful in controlling or preventing the growth of a blood clot is called blood thinners. For obvious, when the source of these drugs is natural, they are called to be natural blood thinners.

These chemicals can be taken orally or intravenously that eventually helps blood to flow smoothly through the veins. By doing this, it not only reduces the threat of blood clot but also prevents heart condition by thick blood. 

Uses of Natural Blood Thinners

These are the following common uses of natural blood thinners: 

Prevent Blood Clot

The main use of natural blood thinner is—anticoagulant drugs—in the prevention of blood clots. In case a person has a blood clot, these chemicals could prevent it from getting bigger with time. Therefore, they are generally prescribed by doctors to patients of heart diseases. 

As an Antiplatelet

Antiplatelets are medicines that stop or reduce the blood cells from sticking together or to the walls of veins and arteries. This, altogether, also slows down the blood clot. 

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Most Common and Effective Natural Blood Thinners

Most Common and Effective Natural Blood Thinners

We have listed the most common and effective natural blood thinners that are easily available. With this, we also provide quick recipes to make a cool and powerful natural blood thinner at home.


There is a lot of powerful stuff inside a piece of ginger such as they are a natural antibiotic, mild pain relievers, and also a natural blood thinner.  Apart from this, if you have a condition like sulfur burps, then it could be an effective natural remedy for it.

In a small portion of ginger, it has enough natural acid—  salicylate— that can prevent any blood clot effectively. This is because salicylate is a powerful blood thinner which is also a derivative of the synthetic drug (most common blood thinner) Aspirin.

Quick Recipe: There are two means by which you can use ginger as an anticoagulant. One is hot tea and the other is a juice with some lemons.


Turmeric— the creamy-orange color powder— are somewhat analogous to ginger. But they are very effective in relieving the pain and also makes the blood circulation easy. In addition, they also fight against the blood clot and sometimes the infectious growth in the veins and arteries. 

However, all these properties of turmeric are due to its active component, curcumin. So, whether or not you have a condition of a blood clot, you should definitely use them at least twice a week.  

Quick Recipe: You can use turmeric powder in making hot soup or hot drinks such as with hot milk or hot water.  

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers-natural-blood-thinner

They are hot chili pepper, but a mild one. But still, chili enough, that by biting a single slice of cayenne pepper, your nose starts running.

Cayenne peppers are a Capsicum Annuum chili that has a generally skinny elongated red color body that has high salicylates content. That’s why it is also a powerful blood anti-clotting agent.

Moreover, other benefits of this natural blood thinner are in lowering blood pressure and reducing pain. As they are quite spicy, they are often available in the form of capsules. 

Quick Recipe: Don’t try to eat it directly, instead, you can use it in cooking and soups to add spiciness in your meals. 

Omega 3 Rich Foods

It is conclusively proven that foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as tuna, salmon, and trout can effectively decrease the blood clots. 

Moreover, an omega-3 fatty acid also helps in managing bad cholesterol level. And this is how they reduce the chances of clotting in the blood.

So, trying to add some salmon or other omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

Quick recipe: Try to avoid overcooked omega-3 acid food, because its nutrition value gets to nil when you overcooked them. 

Foods Rich in Vitamin E

Foods that are rich in Vitamin E are thought to be one of the widely used natural blood thinners. Surprisingly, it is known that vitamin E is a blood thinner but the actual mechanism behind this is still unknown.

However, as per NIH-ODS, when you’re on the medication of blood-thinning drugs you should avoid vitamin E supplements as it may cause complications. And it is also stated that one should only eat 400 IU per day.

Quick Recipe: Foods such as almonds, whole grams, sunflower, and safflower oils are rich in vitamin E. And try to take them as a complementary diet for more absorption.



Garlic is an important spice for not only Asian foods but also in western foods. And it is found that garlic is a natural antibiotic but recent study conclusively proved that garlic powder acts as agents of reducing blood clots.

Though they are mild blood thinner, it serves a major advantage i.e. you can use them with other natural blood thinners. 

But if you have an upcoming surgery, then you should avoid garlic cloves higher dosage for at least a week. This is because taking garlic may increase the risk of bleeding after surgery which could affect the body’s healing capacity as well as could generate other complications.

Quick recipe: Take 2 to 3 garlic cloves and crush or cut them. Now add some hot warm water. And drink it as herbal tea. You can also use garlic-olive oil paste to apply directly on the wounds. 


There are numerous cinnamon products that can enhance the flavor of your dishes. But in the majority, powdered cinnamon provides more freshness and anti-bacterial than any other products. 

And while talking about the cinnamon as a blood thinner, it is a powerful anticoagulant agent. The main active component that makes this blood-thinning drug more powerful is coumarin. And this is the same agent whose derivative is used to make the anticoagulant drugs— Warfarin.

However, if you use cinnamon for long-term (or higher cinnamon content) then it might cause liver damage. Therefore, it is safe not to eat too much cinnamon in your meals.   

Quick Recipe: Use can use as a spice in your foods. And you can even take a cinnamon-water mix but only once a week.

Red Wine

red wine

There is more nutritious value in a red wine bottle than other alcoholic drinks. As per the nutritionists, drinking red wine could be like an insurance for your heart’s health. 

They are called to be an alcoholic blood thinner and are vital for preventing clotting in the arteries. This is due to the two most active components of red wine i.e. Resveratrol and Proanthocyanidins.

So, by drinking a few glasses a week, it can give you that many antioxidants that are capable of reducing any oxidative damage in the body. And this is why they are also known to be a powerful anticancer agent.

But avoid drinking too much red wine because it can cause confusion, hyperness, and rapid changes in mood.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract can also be used as one of the natural blood thinners.

In addition, it also has antioxidant properties that prevent you from getting high blood pressure. Meanwhile, it also protects the blood vessels from the effect of high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. 

Moreover, these extracts help with the swelling caused by the injury. It is also proven that it eases eye condition due to diabetes. 

But, doctors strictly restrict their use when you have an upcoming surgery or you are already on blood-thinning drugs.

Quick Recipe: One should use a low level of grapes seed extract with a range in between 150mg to 2000mg. You can also use oral supplements with a limited amount of 2 at a time. While in liquid form you can use 10 to 15 drops of it in lukewarm water.

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General FAQ

Can drinking water, thin your blood?

Ans. Yes, it can. Water in the blood can cause blood to flow smoothly. However, if you drink too much water, then it can cause a condition called water intoxication which can lead to brain damage, comas, and even death.

What are the most common blood thinners drugs?

Ans. The most common blood thinners drugs are Apixaban, Dabigatran, Edoxaban, Heparin, and Warfarin.

What food is the best natural blood thinner?

Ans. Foods such as turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, mega-3 rich food, cayenne pepper, and vitamin E rich are the best natural blood thinners.

What should I avoid when I take blood thinners?

Ans. Food such as asparagus, broccoli, green onions, kale, spinach, cauliflower, and parsley should be avoided when you are taking blood thinners.

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