Migraine Relief: 6 Tips to Avoid and Treat Migraine Pain

How to relief form Migraine Relief

Many people have migraines—that is, extremely painful primary headache disorders. Sooner or later, they need migraine relief tips and hacks that they can use to reduce their pain.

Many of you know some tips and home remedies for migraine relief. But, we are sure, some of the tips that we are going to list in this post would be unknown to you.

Before diving directly to migraine relief, let’s have a short introduction to migraine. 

What is a Migraine?

What is a Migraine

Migraine is a painful sensation in the head, often known to be a strong headache followed by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, numbness, and sensitivity to light. In general, they are longer which may last for 4 hours to 3 days and even longer.

The primary cause of migraines is genetic but other factors such as poor diet, desk lifestyle, stress, and improper sleep can cause migraines too. Though they are common in adults, it might also begin in childhood. 

While talking about the migraine types, there are two; one is called to be common migraines or without aura, and the second is the classic migraines or with aura. 

Now, that’s enough for the introduction, let’s dive deep and discuss most common migraine relief hacks that you can use from right now. 

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Top 6 Migraine Pain Relief Hacks

Top 6 Migraine Pain Relief Hacks

These are the following tips and home remedies to get migraine pain relief:

Dietary Changes

If your migraine is not genetic then there is a higher chance that you end up with this condition because of your poor diet plans.

Thus, changing the diet plays an important role in preventing migraines. So, these are the list of diet changes that you should do to get relief from migraines. 

1. Avoid Nitrates Food: Food such as bacon, sausages, hot dogs, etc should be avoided.

2. Avoid Liquor: Try to avoid or reduce alcohol intake, especially red wine. 

3. Limit the Cheese Intake: One should avoid cheese and its products. Cheese such as blue, feta, cheddar, and Swiss should be omitted.

4. Avoid Too much cold Eating: When you eat too cold food such as ice creams, it might give a sensory trigger to migraines. 

5. Limit the Carbs and Processed Food Intake: Eating a high carbs diet and processed food not only elevates the blood sugar levels but also becomes a  cause of your next migraine attack. 

6. Chocolate and Caffeinated Beverages: For many people, caffeine can be a mild pain reliever and also decrease migraine relief. But if you drink too much coffee then you become dependent on it. And if your coffee habit gets abstain, you might get a migraine.

Moreover, in some cases, too much coffee intake could cause migraines. This is all true for chocolate also. So, it’s better to avoid eating and drinking too much chocolate and coffee. 

Acupressure and Acupuncture

Acupressure and Acupuncture in migraine pain

Both acupressure and acupuncture are effective in relieving migraine pain. But what’s the difference between the two?

Though they both stimulate the acupoints but with different strategies. In acupressure, acupoints are stimulated with the firm pressure or massage to certain areas. While in acupuncture, a needle is used to puncture the skin to activate sensation at acupoints.

Altogether, when these acupoints are stimulating to specific points, they release muscle tension and relieve pain. 

While talking about acupressure, one most common migraine relief point is LI-4. It is the space between your left thumb and index finger. It is conclusively proven that applying pressure to this area for 5 minutes, could help you to get migraine relief. 

And when you are considering acupuncture therapy, it is also proven that they can be helpful in treating migraines. So, if you have decided to give a short for acupuncture, then find a licensed practitioner for your therapy. 

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Seeking For Essential Oils

Essential oils are full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties that are commonly beneficial for the homemade cleaner and home freshener.

In general there are two mostly used essential oils. These are lavender and rosemary oils. While talking about lavender, it is beneficial for reducing stress, anxiety, and headaches. And it is also proven that lavender oil helps in reducing the pain of migraines. 

Traditionally, the rosemary extract was used to reduce the severity of headaches by improving the circulation of blood. They are also effective in reducing the headaches from the withdrawal symptoms of opium abuse.

In addition, there is one more essential oil— Chamomile oil, that can help you get rid of migraine pain. It makes you feel relaxed and unwind. 

In short, if you have migraines, try to use essential oils to get migraine relief.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

It’s simple, some aroma can change your mood. And this is what aromatherapy is all about. When you smell some fragrance that you like or have a minty aroma, it makes your brain release serotonin— a chemical of wellness and happiness.

This altogether helps you to reduce the paining sensation due to migraines. For instance, one of the most common aromatherapy substances is peppermint oil. 

Add Some Ginger

Another well known Indian spice that makes you wonder how easily it treats conditions like nausea and headache. Moreover, it is also known for reducing the pain of the migraine. However, there is also conclusive evidence that states, ginger is beneficial in minimizing the severity and duration of migraines. 

In addition, another research stated that statistically, ginger is as much as effective than the migraine drug— sumatriptan. And the best part is that they have no side-effects except allergies, which are not too severe. 

Therefore, homemade ginger soup can treat mild to severe conditions of migraines. Hence, it is an effective means for reducing pain and getting migraine relief. 

Try Stress Management

Try Stress Management for migraine pain

If you compare the graph of stress and migraine, one of the common things you notice that most of the cases are due to stress. This simply means by avoiding the stress, you could decrease the chance of getting migraines.

These are the few things that you can do to minimize the stress:

Calm Environment

The first thing that you can do is to find a calm environment where you can rest. You can choose a place that has a cool temperature, and if you can, try to take a short nap. This will definitely give some migraine relief.

Try to Minimizes Daily work

Don’t go for a hectic schedule, rather you make your daily life simple as you can. This would decrease the additional stress that you get when you aren’t able to perform it.

Use a To-do list

The majority of stress is due to insufficiently managing the time. So, try to build a skill of time management, and in that case a to-do list is very beneficial.

Take Regular breaks

It seems that when you work without any breaks, it not only makes you less efficient but slowly develops stress. Therefore, you need refreshments to boost up your energy.

Stay Positive

Dumping negative things and bringing the positive one can help you to stay on track. This also saves you from going deeper into negative thoughts, which of course, kills your creativity. 


When you sleep 6 to 7 hours a night, your brain resets itself. And it will help you to enhance your thinking, creativity, and knowledge. Sleeping well also gives you fresh perspectives towards your lifestyles.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

Practicing yoga and meditation is just like a healthy snack that has no side-effects, but only one goal, to make your mental and physical life healthy. 

Moreover, all these aren’t just theory, they are proven facts. So, practicing yoga and meditation could help you to have a migraine relief.

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Herbal and Vitamin Supplements

Herbal and Vitamin Supplements for migraine

A small portion of herbal and vitamin supplements can do their job to promote migraine relief pain. 

Herbal Supplements

There is a vast variety of herbal supplements but none of them beat the medicational effect of butterbur and feverfew in treating the migraine pain and frequency.

As per the American Migraine Foundation, a regular dosage of 150 mg of butterbur for 3 months can successfully decrease the frequency of getting migraines. Similarly, feverfew can also help you in getting migraine relief. 


It is proven that the deficiency of magnesium has a positive link with migraine. So, by balancing the magnesium level in the body, you can decrease the migraine frequency. 

However, not everyone who has a low level of magnesium could develop migraines. But it may become a cause of your next migraine trigger. 

B-Complex Vitamins

B-Vitamins are helpful in regulating the neurotransmitters in the brain. But when these water-soluble complexes are less in numbers, it could become the reason for a migraine attack.

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General FAQ

How do you get migraine relief fast?

Ans. To get a migraine relief fast, you should try meditation, yoga, acupressure, taking vitamin and herbal supplements, regular healthy sleeping, etc. (other tips are listed above).

How long does it take for a migraine to go away?

Ans. In general, migraines last from four hours to three days.

How do you stop migraine headaches?

Ans. First, you should go for a full body check-up, especially for identifying the deficient supplements. And based on that, your doctor may prescribe the necessary treatment. On the other hand, living a stress-free life and practicing yoga and meditation could help you decrease the frequency of getting migraine attacks.

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