How to Suck Toungue of your Partner? A Guide to French Kiss

How to suck tongue of your partner? Ultimate Guide to French Kiss

French kissing is an art. Therefore, we’ll show you how to suck toungue of your partner step by step. This way of showing love is good for your health in many ways. Some people even say that it can help lower blood pressure and help with headaches and menstrual cramps.

Do you need any more reasons to learn how to French kiss and suck toungue? A good session can also help you lose weight and feel better about yourself. But let’s break it up.

What is a French Kiss?

Suck Toungue: The French kiss involves the tongue and a lot of passion. It is the best ally for couples. when they want to show love. But above all, It is considered one of the most daring ways of kissing, as it seeks people to have a sensual approach.

The French kiss is also called “Frenching, suck toungue” and some experts say it’s not clear where it came from. But it is true that the tongue is used in this kind of kissing.

The duration of a kiss is essential for it to be considered a French kiss. So, it has to belong. But it’s not a rule that can’t be broken. Calm down. Just remember the following.

What is a French Kiss? - Suck Toungue
What is a French Kiss?

How to Suck Toungue in a French Kiss?

Since the French kiss is a type of preparation for sensuality. There are a few rules to follow. When you suck toungue while giving a french kiss:

Start with the Tip of Your Tongue

Start with the tip of your tongue if your partner is open to the idea of accepting it. This is done to sensually assess the size of your partner’s mouth and determine how much you can utilize.

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Find a Romantic Place

A tongue kiss is intimate and sensual. So, the key is to find the right place. If you and your partner want to feel completely safe, the car or a private place is the best choice.

Do not Rush

To give a French kiss or suck toungue. It’s important to start with soft kisses and touching of the lips. To get the temperature up, the previous romp is essential. It will also make you feel safe and comfortable enough to use your tongue

Slow down so you don’t bump your nose or head. That can spoil the moment.

Don’t force things

The French kiss is known for being passionate, but most of all for being very natural. Trying to force your tongue inside a closed mouth will just aggravate the situation.

Slowly open your mouth so that the person you love can see what’s going on. Watch your partner’s body language carefully to see if she is comfortable and wants to keep kissing you.

If you feel like it’s getting tense, don’t give up. Instead, try slow kisses, take a break, and try again.

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Things not to do when giving a French Kiss

Following Are the things you want to avoid while you suck toungue of your partner.

Things not to do when giving a French Kiss - Suck Toungue
Things not to do when giving a French Kiss

Don’t move your Tongue Around

A french kiss or suck toungue of your partner is an intimate act. So don’t move your tongue like a washing machine’s blades. Don’t forget that saliva can be very seductive. as long as it doesn’t end up on the face of your partner.

Don’t Hog your Partner’s Mouth

The movements of the tongue when you suck toungue of your partner should be sensual and slow. Just because someone allowed you inside her mouth doesn’t mean you have the right to dominate and hog everything. Let your partner talk to you, and every once in a while, stick your tongue out from time to time.

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Don’t Wait to Run out of Breath

If you need air, you don’t have to ask for a break. Just stick your tongue out and gently bite your partner’s lip. That will not only give you enough time to breathe, but it will also get you in tune.

Do not Try to Lengthen the Kiss by Force

A French kiss lasts a long time. However, if you get weary after 10 seconds. It’s fine. Relax and appreciate the present moment without rushing.

Also, if it’s your first tongue kiss keep it short. This will enable you to gain the experience you will need later.

Don’t Push yourself

Don’t push yourself if you don’t believe that was the best kiss in the world. The attraction that exists between you and that special person is the most important aspect of the act of kissing.

Did your teeth or nose collide? Laugh and don’t take things too seriously. Don’t exhaust yourself apologizing; this might spoil the moment for both of you. Remember that nothing is more appealing than self-confidence.

Don't push yourself  - Suck Toungue
Don’t push yourself

General FAQs

How should you move your tongue in a kiss?

Suck Toungue: Start with slow movements, to open your mouth and insert the tip of your tongue first and as the environment begins to heat up. Open your mouth more so that your partner has more space to move his tongue. Gradually incorporate smooth and quick movements with your tongue.

What to do with the tongue in a kiss?

You should start with some conventional kisses and gradually increase the intensity. Start by surprising him by gently brushing the tip of your tongue across his lips. Then gently begin to slide it into his mouth. Play with your tongue within her mouth once the desire and arousal are evident.

What does it mean to give a French kiss?

Suck toungue: French kissing is a very intense way of interacting with another person. By popular definition, the term refers to a kiss in which the tongues of the couple touch, in order to stimulate the other parts of the body.

How to kiss a man so he goes crazy?

During the kiss, he opens his mouth, and you kiss his bottom lip with your whole mouth. This first kiss should be long, wet, and very sexual. And you can be sure that he’ll go wild for you and he’ll just think about kissing you over and over again. To make the kiss even more passionate, place your hands on his back and lean in close.

What does it mean to kiss with tongue?

Suck toungue: Commonly referred to as a tongue kiss. In which partners suck tounges of each other, is the most passionate kiss that exists. While kissing, they touch each other’s tongues with their own. Showing all their desire and the passion that unites them.


Just as you want to impress your partner with your moves, bear in mind that he or she undoubtedly wants to perform some of their own as well. You have to be ready to take her breakthroughs and respond to them, even if you’re also making your own. When both lovers relax and take turns kissing each other, the French kiss is at its greatest.

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