How to Remove Skin Tags? 8 Effective Hacks & Remedies

How to Remove Skin Tags

Do you know? Skin tags are most common in middle-aged adults. And if you are one of them and searching for how to remove skin tags on google. Then, my friend, this post is for you.

Our aim with this post is to give you clear and informational knowledge on how to remove skin tags along with general information related to skin tags, its causes, risk factor, and treatment.

At the end of the post, we had also listed some frequently asked questions which users generally ask on Google. But before going directly on how to remove skin tags, let ‘s first discuss what are skin tags.

What are Skin Tags?

What are Skin Tags

Skin tags — the growth of abnormal skin that usually small, smooth, narrow stalk, and generally pops out from the skin surface. Although, it can appear in any part of the body but most commonly seen in the eyelids, armpits, the groin, the upper chest, and also in the neck.

Typically, skin tags can also appear by continuously rubbing and scratching through clothing, jewelry, or even shaving. In addition, these skin tags are not harmful and painful.

Alternative names of Skin Tags 

  • Acrochordon
  • Templeton Skin Tags
  • Fibroma Pendulum
  • Soft Fibroma
  • Fibroepithelial Polyp
  • Cutaneous Tag or Cutaneous Papilloma
  • Fibroma Molluscum 

Generally, skin tags occur in middle-aged people who are suffering from obesity and diabetes. And usually, the color of skin tags is slightly brownish or black with a diameter of 2mm to 5mm. Moreover, as per stats, 46 percent of people in the U.S. have skin tags.

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Causes of Skin Tags

Causes of Skin Tags

There are severe causes of skin tags that are still undiscovered. But many dermatologists believe that it may cause only when a group of collagen and blood vessels trapped inside the thicker portions of the skin.

Due to the interaction between the skins or clothing, it causes skin tags in the armpits and also in the upper chest.

It is common in both men and women. But mostly happen to those people who are obese, suffering from diabetes, and are pregnant. In addition, tags also generate when too much insulin is circulating in the blood.

Now, before jumping to the topic of how to remove skin tags, let’s first discuss the associated risk factors of it.

Risk Factor of Skin Tags

Risk Factor of Skin Tag

These are the following risk factors in which the skin tags appear to be more:

  • People suffered from obesity, overweight, and diabetes. 
  • Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome
  • During pregnancy— due to certain hormonal changes occur that lead to skin tags
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Those who are experienced with some types of human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Change in the levels of estrogen and progesterone
  • Close family members suffered from skin tags
  • High blood pressure or Hypertension

How to Remove Skin Tags? (Treatment)

How to Remove Skin Tags from skin

These are the various treatment on how to remove skin tags from your skin surface. Major skin tags treatment methods are:


Cauterization is a method that is used to treat skin problems. A light form of cauterization named electrocauterization is used for the treatment. With this device, skin tags are removed by burning the infected area.

Generally, this treatment is used for skin cancer but sometimes could help in solving your question of “how to remove skin tags”.

In electrocauterization, a small handheld device is using to burn the tags by using the electricity. In general, 2 to 3 procedures are required to get rid of skin tags. After the treatment, patients can return to their normal routine without any rest.  


If you still searching for another method on how to remove skin tags then cryotherapy would be the other best treatment for it. In this method, a medical specialist uses liquid nitrogen for freezing skin tags.

Like electrocauterization, cryotherapy needs two or more treatments to completely remove skin tags. Moreover, it is a painless procedure. 


Ligation is a method in which specialists use a surgical thread to remove the skin tag permanently. In this process, the thread has tightly encircled the neck of the skin tags.

Therefore, without any supply of blood, the cell dies and automatically the tags drop out. It generally takes 10 to 15 days to remove skin tags.


During this process, a professional uses a sharp blade which is called as a scalpel to cut down the skin tags. Moreover, it is also another effective treatment for the removal of skin tags.

So, we have discussed some medical procedures for how to remove skin tags by professionals. But if you’re searching, “how to remove skin tags at home?” then the next section will help you with that.

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home?

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home

These are the following home remedies that can answer your question “how to remove skin tags by myself”:

Tea Tree Oil

As tea tree oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant leaves. This oil has some antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. With the help of this oil, a person can treat several skin conditions like contact dermatitis, acne, athlete’s foot, etc.

To get rid of these skin tags, people usually apply a few drops of oil into a cotton ball. And then cover it with a bandage. And in general, you should apply it at least three times a day to the skin tag area. But this may take several weeks to fall off. 

However, tea tree oil can sometimes cause irritation to our skin. So, before using it, check yourself whether or not your skin is sensitive to tea tree oil. If you feel itching, stop right now because we have more pieces of stuff for you on “how to remove skin tags”.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or cider vinegar is a juice made from apples. It has some antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties that help to remove the skin tags. 

People generally use a cotton ball and soak it on vinegar and you can also do the same. And after that place it on the skin tags. Then, wrap it for 10 to 15 minutes. Do it on a regular basis, until the tag falls off. 

By using apple cider vinegar, if your skin starts irritating, then try to dilute it. And, of course, do not use it around the eyes.


Iodine also plays an important role in removing skin tags, scars, and cuts. And this could be the best treatment for people who are looking for answers to “how to remove skin tags”. However, it also helps in maintaining skin moisture levels or in the recovery of the lower layer of the skin. 

But before using liquid iodine onto the skin, you should apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil. Soak and spread the liquid iodine over all the tags. Cover the whole area until the iodine gets dry. To get the best result, apply it twice in a day on a regular basis.


Garlic has some anti-aging properties that help in improving skin growth but also to reduce skin tags. To overcome skin tags, crush a clove of garlic and make a paste of it. Apply the whole paste onto the skin, and put a bandage on it for at least one night. Wash the whole area in the morning and repeat it until the tag disappears.


Ginger is used as a remedy for removing skin tags. Because it has antimicrobial properties, nutrients, and bioactive compounds that inhibit bacterial growth that not only helps in removing skin tags but also preventing in getting additional skin tags.

For this, cut raw ginger into slices and rub on the skin tag for about a minute. Do not wash the rubbed area. You can use it several times a day for best results.

Banana Peel

Banana peel contains vitamin C and E and a vast number of anti-aging components that help in calming inflamed skin and reduce skin tags. In addition, it contains lutein and carotenoids which help to fight against inflammation and acne.

To get rid of skin tags, you can put the banana peel over the skin, and cover it with a bandage. Do this on a regular basis, until the skin tags fall down.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another home remedy ingredient that is used for removing skin tags. It is useful because it has the ability to maintain the skin pH levels and stop the growth of bacteria causing skin tags.

Moreover, if you are using baking soda and castor oil mixture. It also helps in eliminating various other skin problems. With this, only one home remedy is left in our topic of how to remove skin tags naturally.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E includes wheat grains, safflower, corn, and soybean oil may help to minimize the threat of getting new tags and also helping in stopping the growth of old ones.

However, vitamin E has an antioxidant that fights against wrinkles and even reduces or vanishes the skin tag in a couple of days. Massage with Vitamin E oil over the tag and also on the skin help to reduce the skin tags. Repeat the process twice in a day for getting better results.

Finally our list of “how to remove skin tags?” is ended. Now, these are some of the following questions that people generally ask.

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General FAQ

What are the causes of skin tags?

Ans. Its causes are still unknown, but there are many factors that trigger skin tags. It generally occurs when a group of collagen and blood vessels trapped inside the thicker pieces of skin.

Can skin tags be cancerous?

Ans. In general, skin tags are not cancerous even if they remain untreated. However, in a very rare case, a skin tag may become cancerous.

How does a doctor remove a skin tag?

Ans. There are several ways to remove skin tags such as cryotherapy, cauterization, ligation, and excision.

How to remove skin tags naturally?

Ans. Garlic, ginger, baking soda, iodine, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, etc. are some natural products that could help you to get skin tags.

Are skin tags a sign of diabetes?

Ans. No, in general, skin tags are not a sign of diabetes but if you are getting numerous new skin tags, then you definitely check yourself for diabetes.

How do you prevent yourself from getting skin tags?

Ans. Skin tags can be prevented by doing regular exercise for at least 30 minutes and proper following the diet plan that has low saturated fat.

With this our post on how to remove skin tags ended. But you can check 9 Natural Blood Thinners that Preventing Clotting & Good For Health.

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