How to make a man cry in bedroom – 15 Amazing Secrets

How to make a man cry in bedroom

How to make a Man Cry in Bedroom

Would you like to know how to make a man cry in bedroom? and give maximum pleasure. One of the basic pillars of a romantic relationship is sex. Therefore, it is normal for us to look for new ways to surprise our partners in bed. But sometimes, even if you’ve read and tried out some ways to make sex more enjoyable. You are unable to discover a way to make him enjoy it so much that he cries in pleasure.

In today’s article, we will explain how to make a man cry in bed during sex. So continue reading and discover some of the best tips with which you can make your man cry in bed.

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1. Fulfill some of your sexual fantasies

In addition to the above tips, you can also make your man cry in the bedroom by fulfilling some of his sexual fantasies. We all have our sexual fantasies and some of them may be out of our reach. But some of them can be very simple when it comes to fulfilling them.

Ask your man what his sexual fantasies are and tell him yours too. In order for him to be honest with you, he has to feel safe and secure. Once you learn what his deepest desires are, you’ll be able to satisfy him. You may wait for him at home or somewhere else and surprise him with the idea that you want to fulfill some of his desires. He will cry with pleasure.

2. Tighten your Vagina During Sex

To get a man to cry in the bedroom during sex, If you want to get the most out of your sexual interactions, try tightening and relaxing your vaginal muscles constantly. If you have trouble contracting this part of your body, you can try exercises that can help you tone and strengthen your vagina.

Sitting in a chair, spread your feet out so they are parallel. Contract your vagina for a few seconds, as if you had something inside and didn’t want it to fall out, and then relax the area. Keep the vagina in the same position and quickly and steadily tighten and loosen it.

Lay on your back with your legs raised. Open and close them like scissors while squeezing your pelvic muscles.

Tighten your vagina during sex

3. Be Submissive

Don’t be shy about being a bit kinky. If you are safe enough in your relationship with your partner, you can sometimes let him do anything he wants with you. You may, of course, stop him at any moment. By saying this, you give your partner a safe place to talk about their dreams. Being submissive to your man will let you know what’s been going on in his mind sexually.

4. Be Free During Sex.

If there is something that can make a man cry in bedroom, it is to see his girl freed from taboos in bed. One way to make a man cry in bedroom during sex is as simple as seeing her moan and expressing the pleasure she is feeling during sex. On the other hand, if he sees that you are shy or quiet, he will quit getting excited and you won’t be able to make him cry from orgasm during sex.

Being free during sex will not only help your man, but it will also help you. Since you will be able to have even more fun in your sexual relationships once you get rid of your complexes.

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5. During Sex, Try A New Sensitive Spot

There are many ways to make a man cry in bedroom. If you spice things up during sex. There are several ways to do this. Ever hear of nipple stimulation? We usually see males pleasuring women in this manner, but isn’t it all about breaking gender norms? Most guys are embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they enjoy such stimulation. However, it is certainly worth a shot!

During Sex, Try A New Sensitive Spot

6. Enthusiasm and Arousal in a Woman

Every man wants to see and feel the enthusiasm and how horny she gets by his touch. Believe me, it turns on a lot of people when they see their partner wants it too.

Both partners in a relationship should enjoy making love, and both should be excited about it.

7. Give him a Blowjob without his consent

It’s no secret that guys like blow jobs. That is the simplest way of making sure that he loves sexual activity. When he tells you he wants you to give him a blowjob, that’s different from you doing it yourself. It gives your lover the impression that you are committed to them and that satisfying them pleases you. This one factor speaks for the whole difference.

8. Invite Partner First Sex

Most women think that a man should always take the initiative. There are times when a man wants his partner to be the first to ask him out for sex. It genuinely excites him and stimulates his fantasies.

Seeing a woman’s eyes aflame with desire, as well as her aggressive flirting, makes a guy fall. Even if you’re not normally a leader, try to break your own rules and take the lead in the bedroom at least once in a while.

If you don’t do this, your partner might think you are a cold, unapproachable snow queen.

 Invite him first sex - How to make a man cry in bedroom

9. Call His Name

When you see him doing something you enjoy, remember to say his name. What’s the meaning of this? By doing this, you give your man the impression that you only think about him during sex and that his body is capable of providing you with sexual satisfaction.

10. Making Noise During Sex

Absolute silence during sex doesn’t always mean that things are going well. Usually, this means you don’t like being with him or, worse, that you just fell asleep. People who make more noise during sex are less inhibited in the bedroom.

So, being sonorous when you’re close to him is a normal and natural thing to do. Your man will know if he is giving you the pleasure you deserve if he hears your moans and noise.

Making Noise During Sex

11. Tell Partner to Keep Going

Please do not participate in passive sex with your man. Interaction is essential during sexual activity since it includes two individuals rather than only one. If you enjoy what your man is doing, thank him for taking the time to satisfy you and push him to keep doing it.

12. Create a Safe Environment

Guys, like girls, it is important to know that during such an intimate process they will not be laughed at and will not be rewarded with a couple of new complexes. If your partner agreed to make some noise in bed, then try to create the most comfortable environment for this. Seeing how you moan, he will be able to join the process. Just do not create deathly silence to accurately hear its sounds!

13. During Sex, Kiss Partner’s Bottom Lip

Sexual arousal relies heavily on blood. When a guy gets erect, blood rushes to his penis. Your vagina has a similar biological function. So why not give it a go on the lips? Sucking the bottom of your partner’s lips will cause his blood to rise to the surface, generating a delightful feeling. There are a lot of guys out there who only know how to french kiss and the standard lip kiss. Trying to bite during a kiss is a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

13. During sex, kiss his bottom lip.

14. Be Unpredictable During Sex

Men also like it when their partner is sometimes impulsive and does things that surprise them at any time or place. So, if you want your man to cry. And if you want him one of the best orgasms of his life, unzip his pants while you’re on a drive with him or on the beach.

He’ll be happy that you want to have sex right now. But you should be careful if you do it in public places, where it is totally against the law.

Be Unpredictable During Sex

15. Tell him you’re having the Best Sex Ever

This is the tricky part. If you don’t mind saying a small white lie to make him happy, Just tell your man that he is the best sexual partner you ever had. even if he is not the most satisfying sexual partner you have ever had. If he is the finest sex partner you’ve ever had, be sure to tell him all the time so he gets the credit he deserves.

General FAQs

How do I make him cry in a relationship?

He will break down in tears if he knows how much you love him. Be sincere with him about all of the romantic feelings you have for him, and explain to him in great detail how he affects your emotions. It’s possible to express your love in a number of ways, but sometimes it’s necessary to hear or read those words.

How to make a man cry for hurting you?

If you want a man to feel guilty for hurting you, tell him. He may not have examined the issue from your point of view. Make sure that when you express your feelings to him, you don’t seem accusing by focusing on your own feelings.

How to make a man love you more?

Various factors can be the reasons to make a guy fall madly in love with that one particular lady in his life. When a man’s initial desire for a woman grows into attachment, you might assume that he is in love with her. For a guy to fall in love with a woman, empathy, sexual compatibility, emotional connection, and physical attraction are essential. In addition to other factors, the emotional support and bond they experience with you also bring them closer to you.

What does it mean for a guy to cry over a girl?

When a guy tears for a female, what does it suggest about their relationship? This is due to the fact that he is emotionally involved with her because he has genuine, deep feelings for her. It’s possible that they had a fight in which she said something that made him upset. Men have emotions too and they are allowed to cry. There is a social expectation that they should always seem tough.


Once you’ve completed using the strategies described in this post, lie back and regain your breath within the arms of your man. Give him compliments on how wonderful everything was and on his personality.

Please keep in mind that not all of these suggestions will work for every relationship. Do not continue if you or your partner feel uncomfortable at any time. Most crucial, do not engage in any sexual behavior until you have permission or the desire to engage in it. When it comes to sexual penetration, this is just the beginning. Use these ideas to get to know your body and the body of your partner better, and then report back to us on how well they worked for you.

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