How to get a Finger Job – 4 Best Ways

How to get a Finger Job - 4 Best Ways

What is a finger job? This is a special sexual technique. Only the fingers are used. A finger job can be a prelude to the main intimate action. In fact, it can become the “talus fun.” This method has almost no limits, other than what the partner wants. But there are many things that could happen. How many girls are ready to dance on the tip of their fingers? In this article, we will guide you to get the most out of your finger job.

What is a finger Job and Why it is Important
What is a finger Job and Why it is Important

What is a finger Job and Why it is Important

As previously stated, fingering is a sexual game. where you can touch your vulva with your hands. Or rather, finger it. This includes putting light pressure on erogenous zones and stroking them with fingertips, as well as studying the inner world. A finger job is something that girls can do. This sexual technique helps you learn more about your body’s erogenous zones and sensitive spots.

Finger Job on Clitoris

Men can also give finger jobs to their partners. You can give your partner the most sensual pleasures with just your fingers.

Finger Job on Clitoris
Finger Job on Clitoris

Most girls fall into two categories: Those who like to touch themselves with their fingers and those who don’t mind when men put their hands in their underwear. Others, on the contrary, cannot stand it when something other than his tongue and penis gets there.

They both should talk about how to give finger jobs. And if your partner doesn’t want a finger job and she doesn’t like to get fingered, Then there’s not much point in trying to insist on her. But if you have never tried a finger job before, you should give it a shot. So let’s move quickly to the first point:

  • You don’t have to love it. We are too lazy, So don’t do anything you don’t enjoy. The truth is, You’ll never know until you give it a go. The finger job isn’t as bad as it sounds. By following a few easy principles and using adequate lubrication, you reach orgasm.
  • You won’t enjoy it unless you know your body. Finger jobs may be conducted on oneself by exploring sensitive areas with the fingers. You dislike how your lover does it. Maybe he’s doing it too quickly, slow, hard, or monotonously. To show him how to accomplish it, you must understand the issue properly. This sexual method has several variations. Fingering the clitoris.
  • Talk and show about it. Once you’ve figured out your favorite tracks, you can show him by doing it yourself. Your spouse should know exactly what to do. You might want to try this technique differently, like anal fingering.

There is a special technique called fisting. Many consider it unsafe and not the most sensual. It is a special form of fist penetration. Is it worth trying? This is for the partners to decide.

A finger job is a massage, and something like this should be thought of as a special sexual technique.

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Briefly about safety

Just three words: nails, lube, and hygiene.

Finger Job does not allow dirty hands. Nails should not only be short but also have smooth edges. That is to say, cutting with scissors, nibbling, or biting are all awful ideas. Remember that even a small hangnail can ruin a great night. Private parts of your body are very sensitive to any unevenness.

Additional lubrication will create a sliding effect. It will be easier and more pleasant to stimulate and penetrate the clitoral area. To finger the vagina, you also need to have very clean hands and enough lubricant.

The third word does not need additional comments. Ladies and gentlemen, Wash your hands.

How to Explore your Body Parts

The clitoris is a pearl-sized organ, often covered by a membrane. It is located where your inner lips meet at the top of your vulva. Thousands of nerve endings surround your clitoris. Which makes it the most sensitive part of your genitals. This is Girls experience orgasms by stimulating their clitoris.

How to Explore your Body Parts
How to Explore your Body Parts

How to get Finger Job – 4 Best Ways

Finger Job – How to do it right? Pick a good position. When fingering is done by a man. it is somewhat more difficult than in the opposite case. You can do the following:

  1. sit down and spread your knees wide apart, giving him maximum access to the vagina and clitoris or lie on your side facing him. His hand will walk along your chest and goes down in your underwear.
  2. First, you should show him something that you know will work. That is more than one proven method. And both of you will be happy because he will learn “the basics.” A finger job lets you get to know even the most hidden parts of your body.
  3. Explain why it’s not possible. For Example, Ask him to do just circular or up-and-down movements. Don’t Press or push. Stimulate the clitoris with your palm or a single finger. If fingering causes pain, quit doing it.
  4. If you want him to play with your anus too, make sure he does it with different fingers.

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Techniques you can Suggest to your partner

Suggest two fingers technique. Ask him to gently place your clit between two fingers. In this position, you can either move or ask him to move his hand. Suitable for those women who have a very sensitive clitoris, as the stimulation is very gentle and non-aggressive. Fingering in this zone can bring orgasm quickly.

  • Helping hand. Clitoral stimulation + penetration = orgasm. Invite him to dip one or two fingers (index and ring) into the vagina, and with his thumb to stroke the clitoris in a circular motion. Sounds more complicated than it is. But finger job, in this case, will bring great pleasure.
  • In search of the unknown. Ask him to slightly bend his fingers (no more than two!) And in this position, gently insert into your vagina. After that, Make light “vibrating” motions and ask him to do it more often. You will love it.

Can a 15-year-old girl finger herself?

The first time you attempt anything, it will always hurt. It’s only fun if you’re horny enough to appreciate it. Start by picturing things that make you feel “excited” about your clitoral region. Once you’re horny, you’ll be able to enter your fingers. Go slow and explore until you discover what feels best.

How do I give myself a finger job for the first time? 

Fingering yourself doesn’t feel good, so just keep your fingers on the outside. If you want to do something like that, cut your nails and use lube or a lot of spit.

How does it feel to be fingered the first time?

The first time someone touched me, I felt bad because I was so wet. But it was so exciting too. When his fingers went over my clit and into my vagina, I gasped and orgasmed.


Finger Job is a fun, sexy, and safe way to explore your desires and find out what turns you on. Plus, self-pleasure has so many health benefits (Reduces stress! Improves sleep! Frees you up sexually!). If you’re new to Finger Job and Masturbation, that’s OK too. There is no right or wrong way to masturbate, so take your time discovering your body. Bottom line: Do whatever makes you feel good and enjoy every minute!

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