Essential Oils for Cold Sores – Uses and Risk Factors

Essential Oils for Cold Sores: - Uses and Risk Factors

In today’s time, search online and we get hundreds of articles claiming benefits of essential oils for cold sores. Then a question comes in our mind if they gonna work? For getting an answer to this question we should first understand what are COLD SORES.

What are Cold Sores?

COLD SORES also dubbed as fever blisters, herpes labialis is a common viral infection. These are fluid-filled tiny blisters, generally occur around your lips. These blisters transpire in group patches and when these blisters burst scab forms for several days.

Most of the essential oils for cold sores treatment are available in the market.

Around 3.7 billion people are suffering from this disease. Cold sores happen through HSV ( HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS). Around 90% of people in the world have at least one kind of HSV. There are two kinds of HSV. HSV1 AND HSV 2.

HSV 1 affects on our facial areas like mouth and skin

HSV 2  affects on our genital areas.

Symptoms of Cold Sores

It may include burning or pain inside the mouth, feeling of itching, blister formation, scab forms around sore, most likely to form around lips, the mouth, and even around nose and cheeks.

Mode of Transmission

  • It transmits through kissing to an infected person
  • sharing utensils, towels, etc with an infected person,
  • unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex, etc.

Essential Oils for Cold Sores

Treatment of cold sores

There is no good method of treatment is available for HSV. Once you get these infected, other factors like sunlight, stress, hormonal changes will set off another one for you.

Here, a few essential oils for cold sores are available for getting relief. However, there is an easy and simple remedy that stops these sores on their tracks and that remedy is treating it with Essential oils.

Yes, essential oils for cold sores. Let’s find how these will help to cure these stubborn sores.

Essential oils for cold sores are natural oils extract through the distillation process, which has characteristics or odor of the source from which it is extracted.

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How the Essential Oils for Cold Sores are Effective?

Using these essential oils for cold sores is effective, as essential oil can easily penetrate through the skin and easy to apply around the infected area. Moreover, we know it is a natural remedy, it would have a lesser risk of having harsh, unwanted, or risky side effects, as with the use of other pharmaceutical treatments.

Over many years, this therapy is quite becoming popular in people for a variety of ailments of health.

These essential oils for the cold sores can be used as an inhaler or as an infuser. Normally,  2-3 drops are enough to use. These oils can use along with, proven antiviral medications.

Underneath we’ve written down some of the popular oils which provide benefit from the sores.

Peppermint  Essential Oils for Cold Sores

Peppermint essential oils for cold sores have been used for the last many decades for medicinal purposes. In the majority, its use for the treatment of cold and flu.

Nowadays, it is one of the widely used essential oils for cold sores treatment including herpes as it has impressive antiseptic and antiviral properties.

As per the research of 2003, researchers get that peppermint essential oil concentrations have exhibited the activity of virucidal.

But, it would not true, if we say peppermint oil work as a miracle for this infection. But, there’s some evidence that suggests that peppermint essential oil has a measurable reduction in viral activities, but still, it may take a few weeks to recover it completely.

Well, it would be worth having this oil in your home or as an essential item list, it may unlikely to slow down the healing process of these sores.

Lavender Essential Oils for Cold Sores

lavender essential oils for cold sores
Fig- 1. Lavender Essential Oil

There are some proofs or evidence that suggest that lavender essential oils for cold sores play a great or major role in reducing inflammations. But there is no link between Lavender Oil and Herpes.

The popularity of this oil increasing because of its properties. Moreover, it also due to the ability to cure other mild skin conditions including rashes.

Since no research claims, that lavender essential oil for cold sores can treat these infections. But it can work very well along with proven antiviral medications.

You need to get alert while using these essential oils for cold sores as just one or two drops is enough, as it may fall asleep you faster. But continuous use of this essential oil for cold sores may lead to having side effects.

Tea Tree Essential Oils for Cold Sores

It is also known as Melaleuca Oil. Its a very effective essential oil against viruses, bacteria, or even fungi. Moreover, it is well known for immune stimulants that lower down the redness, reduce swelling and discomfort.

This essential oils for cold sores typically use as a carrier oil. However, a very small amount of this oil should apply directly to sores.

Moreover, always remember to dilute this tea tree oil with a gentle carrier like coconut oil otherwise, it may leave harsh effects or burn sensation around the skin, where it has applied. Apart from this, also need to take care, you may just apply twice in a day.

Eucalyptus Essential Oils  for Cold Sores

According to numerous lab tests of various cell structure, revealed that eucalyptus oil is not able to cure the sores, but it may lower down the duration and severity of sores or herpes.

However, before use, it also should be diluted as tea tree oil and usage may limit to once in a day.

Clove Essential Oil for Cold Sores

Clove oil generally uses as an anesthetic, but some research also claims, it also decreases the pains as a result, in most parts of the world its use as a natural treatment of toothaches.

Just like other essential oils, undiluted clove oil is harmful to damaged skin areas. Dilution with carrier oils may raise its tolerance level and also able to partially numb these sores.

Like other above-mentioned essential oils for cold sores, this oil is also not a proven treatment for cold sores, but it may help you to get relief pain due to the sensation.

Chamomile Essential Oils for Cold Sores

Chamomile Essential Oils for Cold Sores
Fig- 2. Chamomile Essential Oil

Finally, It is one of the best essential oils for cold sores that have a good effect on HSV. According to 2008 studies, this oil is quite active against drug-resistant strains of the Herpes virus.

Is chamomile oil can cure herpes or cold sores?? Well, its answer is debatable. However, it also shows promising effects and could potentially helpful for the natural treatment of these viruses.

Ginger essential Oil

Some of the ginger components have been found to reduce sore infections.

Ginger oil soothes our skin and gives a calm effect for these sores. Due to strong properties, it has been suggested to use this oil with some carrier oil.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Generally, this oil is known for its wonderful fragrance. But lesser people knew that some of the components of these oils too can be used for the treatment of this disease.

Either one may dilute or directly can apply on the cold sore where it appears. However, it is suggested to use this oil with some carrier oil because a strong fragrance may trouble your nose.

Oregano Essential Oil

It is also one of the most used and most popular home remedies for cold sores.

It helps to deal with cold sores more quickly. Just apply diluted essential oil on the site of cold sore and cover it with sterile gauze.

Lemon Balm Essential Oil

Lemon balm oil is determined to have some effects that can descend the penetration of herpes virus into the cells by 96%.

Further research work is going on that how it affects on the infected skin.

As lemon balm oil easily passes or penetrates through the skin so you can apply it on infected skin by firstly diluting it. Lemon balm oil can be used almost three to four times a day.

Risk Factors

  • Using these oils on your skin, it has been suggested to dilute them with some carrier oils like coconut or jojoba oil.
  •  Don’t overuse any of the essential oil as it leads to weaken the epidermis layer of the skin and will give you a harder task of repairing.
  • Before use, take an allergic test. Do spot tests on any part of your skin.
  •  Always research on brands of these oils for their quality, purity, or safety.
  •  Possible side effects may include a moderate stinging, sensation of burning or bleeding from the site of infection.
  • Discontinue using it, if anytime you feel you get some negative reactions.

The Bottom Line

Remember, all the claims that made are not necessarily evaluated by the FDA. For preventative treatment, one should need to go to a doctor or your physician for the consultation.

General FAQ’s

Which agents triggers cold sores?

Very often certain agents may trigger HSV that leads to cold sores. Agents may refer to women during her periods, infection from injury, sunlight, etc.

Are cold sores self diagnosable?

In most cases, cold sores are self diagnosable but if you are facing some issues with them one can visit the doctor. In some cases, generally, signs and symptoms are enough to make a diagnosis.
But they may also ask for a blood test. Moreover, these often done with the people who are having weak immune systems such as those, who are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or AIDS.

Which vitamin deficiency causes cold sores?

Several studies show that canker sores (sores that form on the gums but less contagious and doesn’t occur on the lips.) that can trigger through deficiency of folic acid, zinc, or iron. Deficiency of calcium may worsen the canker sores.

Are they cheaper than using prescribed medications?

The cost of these oils may you feel a bit high but,  these oils can be store for longer periods and can be used for other purposes too. For instance, clove oil may also use in the treatment of toothache.

How do you get rid of this COLD SORE  fast?

Other than keeping your immune system healthy, unfortunately, there is no remedy that can help you to treat it completely. Using essential oils may increase the time of the healing process.

Can these oils kill COLD SORES?

According to some research work, these oils can increase the healing process time but there is nothing that can ” kill” herpes virus.


Coconut oil can be used as a carrier or can be used to dilute some essential oils.  However,  there is nothing any evidence or research that claims using coconut oil may cure or lower the chances of herpes.

Does Homeopathy help in the Treatment of HERPES?

According to WHO, 3.7 billion people carry HSV-1, herpes visually affects the mouth. Homeopathy treatments claim that HSV can be wholly cured by them.

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