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Effective place to put a Nicotine Patch: Looking to learn about nicotine patches? You’ve come to the right place. Nicotine patches an easy and simple way to dramatically improve your health daily.

The effective place and timing for nicotine patches are in the morning, on a clean, dry hairless part of the body between neck and waist. For example on the upper arm and chest. The patch should be changed daily and always prefer to stick a new patch on a different location than the previous one to avoid skin irritation.

What is a Nicotine Patch?

Nicotine patches are used to deliver nicotine directly to the bloodstream and hence helps in fighting nicotine dependence.

Nicotine generally enters the body through smoking cigarettes, pipes and cigars and nicotine patches help you with their withdrawal symptoms.

The process of quitting a habit is a pain in the ass, as it is biological. Hence some emotional self-triggers thoughts and ideas like smoking one more cigarette won’t harm me that much.

So, now you know what is actually a nicotine patch is, now you wonder what is the effective place to put a nicotine patch on the body.

Before going further let’s warp dependency caused by nicotine into two types:

One is psychological dependence and the other is, physical dependence (this is hard to get off).

Nicotine addiction generally falls in psychological dependence which in the general basis can be the cause for smoking because

  • An individual may be seeking relief from personal problems or,
  • stressful situations or,
  • use smoking to trigger the performance or,
  • Use smoking for self-boosting.

What happens if you don’t use nicotine patches on the effective part?

Less efficiency: You get less nicotine delivery as it depends on which part of the body you are using on. So if you are putting the nicotine patches on the fatty region than the delivery of nicotine are get the effect to a larger extent.

In case you put nicotine on your head region then you are getting yourself in trouble because as nicotine is a CNS depressant the effects like dilated eyes, sluggishness and nausea along with headache are commonly seen.

So as I told earlier that the best part to put a nicotine patch is the neck, waist, on the upper arm and chest.

What happens if you smoke while on Nicotine Patch?

So when you smoke with nicotine patches on, you will nearly the edge of nicotine overdose.

This is because nicotine patches deliver nicotine directly to your blood so when you smoke cigarettes you are adding more cigarettes to your body.

What happens if you smoke while on Nicotine Patch?

Smoking and the use of a nicotine supplement at the same time can cause a nicotine overdose, which sometimes leads to death.

So never use nicotine patches while smoking at the same time or even the gap of several hours.

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Effects of Nicotine Patches while Smoking

So as you add more nicotine to the body by any means can cause nicotine overdose. Some symptoms of nicotine overdoses are:

1. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea is one of the first symptoms, where the body is trying to eliminate excess nicotine which acts as a poison in the excess amount.

Eventually, nausea will get worse and later sign might be vomiting.

2. Blood Pressure & Kidney damage

If you continue to smoke when using the nicotine patch, or if you have been exposed to high levels of nicotine your blood pressure will get reduced.

And the low blood pressure can also damage the kidney’s function and at low bp the damaged caused are irreversible.

3. Rapid Heartbeat

Studies relate rapid heartbeat to cardiovascular diseases.

And in nicotine overdose, as nicotine is a CNS depressant, one can experience an increased heart rate and pulse feels very rapid and weak.

Be aware of any symptoms you experience when using a nicotine patch to detect a possible overdose of nicotine.

How long after nicotine patch did you smoke?

As patches deliver nicotine to the blood so even after removing nicotine patch for several hours nicotine still resists in the body. And it takes nearly three days to eliminate nicotine from your body. As nicotine detected up to 3 days in your urine.

But again level of nicotine decreases within 8-12 hours to a safe level after you remove the nicotine patch.

So theoretically, it is safe to smoke after 12 hours of removal of nicotine patches based on what type of smoker you are i.e. heavy or lite smoker.

How long after taking off nicotine patch, will I can smoke?
How long after taking off nicotine patch, will I can smoke?

But as I told earlier it takes normally up to 24 hrs but it is not advisable to smoke within 24-36 hrs.

Are Nicotine Patches Effective?

Nicotine patches are the most widely used and effective nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation after nicotine gums.

It is effective in two ways:

First easy to use: Just grab a suitable dosage of nicotine patches, peel it and apply to your shoulder, neck or waist area as they are the most effective place to adhere a nicotine patch.

Less drug wastage: It delivers nicotine directly to the blood while chewing nicotine gums were not able to deliver as wisely as these patches do.

A Longer period of drug delivery: In comparison to mostly used nicotine gums, patches can effectively slowly dawn the drug into the bloodstream for about a longer period of time like 16hrs.

There are several patch technologies are available, but the absorption of nicotine extract through the skin from a reservoir is a preferable patch.

How to increase the effectiveness of the nicotine patch?

1. Skin Permeability: Skin is selectively permeable, that is, skin allows only certain substances to enter the pores. The nicotinic drug is designed to penetrate directly to the skin.

2. Degree of Skin Hydration: Medication is absorbed by the skin better if the top layer of the epidermis is moist. So, if a person drinks an adequate amount of water then the absorption takes at a faster rate.

3. Exercise and Physical Activity: Exercising or applying heat to patches may increase the amount of medicine absorbed into the body. This can increase the risk of side effects.

4. Contact Time: Longer the time patches contact to skin greater amount of absorption. This is why, at the starting point, doctors recommended to go with 24 hrs patch period rather than 14 hrs one.

5. Skin Temperature: When the temperature of the skin increases, such in the case of fever, the skin’s ability to absorb drug faster from nicotine patches also increases.

6. Epidermal Damage: In case of medication or wounded area, then it needs to be applied in the unwounded area. Because, if applying drugs gets quickly absorbed.

Tips for using Nicotine Patches

The epidermal patches provide a stable and non-invasive dose of your medicinal nicotinic drug. We’ll show you how to get the most out of them.

1. Never use a nicotine patch while smoking at the same time or even several hours. Because it may cause a nicotine overdose, which can sometimes lead to destructive effects on the body.

2. Try to put patches in the morning.

3. Use fresh, a dried, hairless part to put on nicotine patches.

4. Most suitable parts to put nicotine patches are between neck and waist like on the upper arm and chest.

5. Do not apply the patches to the breast or skin folds.

6. You should change the nicotine patches daily.

7. Don’t use more than one nicotine patches at the same time.

8. If a patch loosens its adhesive or itself peels off, replace it with a new one.

9. In case you forgot to apply a patch, apply it as soon as you remember. And as I said earlier do not apply two patches at the same time.

10. Always stick a new nicotine patch to a different location than the previous one to avoid skin irritation.

11. After taking a shower wait for the skin to dry naturally, and cool down before applying a new patch.

12. To remove the patch, from its sticker use a wedge (corner) and gently remove it from the skin. Use can use baby oil to remove the sticky traces of old patches.

13. Avoid the nicotine patch under tight clothing or under the elastic waist.

14. The patches must be covered in direct sunlight or in case you want to take a sunbathe.

15. Do not soak the patches underwater for a long time as it may loosen the patches that might later fall off.

16. Avoid using heating pads on the portion of the body where you’re wearing a patch. The reason is that heat can cause the patches to release its drug at a faster rate which decreases the efficiency of patches to deliver nicotine to a later period.

Effective Procedure to use the Nicotine Patch

Nicotine patches, when used with effective guidelines, can make the suffers less realistic. To govern that these are effective good rules to follow while using nicotine patches.

  1. Remove the patch from the package,
  2. Remove/peel the protected tape and immediately apply the patch on your skin.
  3. The sticky side should touch the skin.
  4. Press the patch on the skin by covering it with the palm of your hand for about 10 seconds.
  5. Make sure the patch is firmly held, especially around the edges.
  6. Wash your hands after applying the patch.

Note: If the patch falls or comes out, replace it with a new one. Use the patch continuously for 16 to 24 hours. The nicotine patches may also be worn even while showering or bathing.

How to dispose of Nicotine Patches Effectively

Dispose of used patches carefully as they will still contain some active medicine. Fold the patch in order so it sticks to itself and makes sure it is disposed of well out of the reach of children and animals.

This is particularly important for nicotine patches or other patches that containing a strong opioid, painkillers, as even used patches can still contain enough medicine to cause severe side effects or even be fatal to a child.

  1. Carefully remove the patch and discard it by folding it with the adhesive sides in half.
  2. After removing the patch, apply the following patch to a different area of the skin to prevent skin irritation.
  3. Nicotine patches can be used between 6 and 20 weeks.

Note: A switch to a lower strength patch may be considered after the first 2 -4 weeks in accordance with withdrawal symptoms and urge to smoking.

Advantages of Nicotine Patches over Nicotine Gum

  • They can avoid GI (Gastrointestinal tract) drug absorption difficulty caused by GI pH,
  • Enzymatic activity and drug interaction (direct absorption of patch via the bloodstream)
  • They can avoid the first-pass effect:
  • Drug therapy may be terminated rapidly.
  • When the oral route is unsuitable (vomiting, diarrhea) then this route is the most effective way.
  • A frequent dose can be administered with ease.

Side Effects of Nicotine Patches

1. Irritation of the skin: One can get feeble redness, burning, irritation or itchiness of the skin. Redness or swelling at the patch site may see up to 24 hours.

If you don’t get any relief from rashes consult your doctor.

2. Sleep Disorders: Some users of the patch report sleep disturbances such as bright dreams, insomnia, and other disorders.
If your sleep is still affected after three or four days of using a nicotine patch, try removing it after 16 hours.

3. Heart Attacks: You should quit high-nicotine cigarettes to use a nicotine patch. Some studies suggested that an increased rate of heart attack and stroke in those who smoke while using a nicotine patch.

4. Headache: Pain in the head or upper neck which is often seen in earlier use of nicotine patches.

5. Accelerate heartbeat and dizziness: Dizziness is a sensation of losing one’s balance. If you feeling like this, stop using the patch immediately and talk to your doctor about switching to a lower dose patch. Because it might be a sign of nicotine overdose.


So how you like this article on “the best way to put nicotine patches om your body“.

So, if you’ve already tried different methods and failed, the nicotine patches may just be a good alternative for you.

And always remember that you are the only person that is responsible to make changes in yourself.

Take the responsibility of your life in your own hand makes yourself a better identity than the previous one.

Whatever you are and what you have to be is the result of a decision you have made. If you decided to quit smoking then nothing will stop you.

A successful quit attempt begins with the decision to try. A resolute decision to stop smoking will fuel you with motivation and determination.

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