Eating Ass Like an Expert – 5 Tips, Techniques, Positions

eating ass

When you first heard about anilingus (also known as foreplay, tossing salad, eating ass, peach chomping, and eating the booty like groceries). You probably thought to yourself, “Wait, people really do this?” “What the heck is going on?!” Yes, all types of couples like some delectable booty.

That’s because stimulating the nerve endings around the anus may be quite pleasurable, and there’s something sensual and “socially unacceptable” about the act that turns some people on.

To put it another way, it’s understandable that you’re interested in learning how to eat ass. Fortunately for you, we have researched from hundreds of websites and interviewed the experts in the topic include Luna Matatas, a sex and pleasure educator, and Alicia Sinclair, the inventor, and CEO of b-Vibe, a line of unique vibrating anal gadgets.

What is Eating Ass?

We’re here to show you how to eat ass properly, including all of the greatest moves and how to make absolutely sure your partner is fully prepared.
Everything you need to know for how to eat ass like an expert is right here.

How should Your Partner Prepare for a Rim Job or Eating Ass?

You should, of course, make sure that you or your mate has a clean butthole before you eat. The good news is that during the tossing salad, you don’t need to conduct a full wash or enema.

That’s because when you suck a booty, you’re concentrating on the anus’s exterior. You might be able to squeeze a half-inch in there if you have a long and slick tongue, but not much more. You only need to wash if you want a longer penis or a sex toy that goes deeper into your body.

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All you have to do is cleanse the exterior anal region with fresh water and light hands often with soap. That is all there is to it. “If you’re just getting right down to things, you can do a visual and sniff test and communicate,” Matatas says. “Ask your companion if they want to prepare their butthole for your mouth, or if they need to ‘freshen up.'” Maintaining Proper Hygiene and Seduction Prior to Eating ass.’”

Maintaining the Hygiene and Seduction Correctly Before Eating Ass

Cleanliness is crucial not just for pleasure, but also to help to limit the spread of hazardous microorganisms. “Rimming has the potential to spread dangerous gut germs such as E. coli.” or salmonella, from the person who is being rimmed (receiver) to the one who is rimming (giver),” Matatas explains.

If you or your mate has digestive problems, you should avoid rimming. Diarrhea or stomach ache are signs that you ate contaminated food containing dangerous microorganisms.

It’s also essential to warm up. Many people believe that when it comes to rimming, they don’t need to conduct any seduction, but just like any other sort of sexual encounter, you need to warm up first. “Begin by tickling the anus,” the expert advises.

Make swirls with your tongue, lick it as if it were ice cream, and have fun with your entire buttocks. Get your fingers on it as soon as possible. It’s been sunk. It’s time to shake it. You may go harder into the rim job after your companion has warmed up and is prepared for more.

Use Protection Before Eating Ass

It’s feasible to communicate STIs through analingus. You can likewise communicate Hepatitis A, B, and C, alongside different conditions. Except if you’re liquid reinforced with your accomplice, you want to utilize a security to edge them.

A dental dam functions admirably with rimming. Or on the other hand, you can cut open a non-greased-up condom (condoms with oil or spermicide will taste terrible) and spread it out over their butt.

One more note of alert: on the off chance that your accomplice is female-bodied, don’t lick from butt to vagina. The vagina is touchy to outside microscopic organisms and can get bothered or contaminated.

Lubricate Nicely Before Performing Ass Eating

You should know that the rectum doesn’t self-grease up, you’ll have to keep the region quite wet. Try to utilize a lot of salivation. On the off chance that you like, you can likewise utilize a seasoned lube intended for oral sex.

Assuming you’re utilizing security, try to get it wet under and on top of your obstruction. This will assist with communicating the sensation better, causing the hindrance to feel less obstruction-like.

Ass eating

What’s the Best Position for Eating Ass?

You must discover comfy ass-eating positions and techniques for both you and your companion. You want the receiver to be able to sit back into the feelings, and you want to be able to provide constant excitation for an extended length of time.

  • Doggy style
  • Spread-eagle
  • Face-sitting
  • Anilingus 69

Doggy style

Doggy style is the traditional rimming position. Because you’re in a great position to have anal sex after rimming, this is very common among homosexual males. In such a position, angling can be a little tricky for the provider, so the recipient might rest straight on their tummy. It’s easy to expand those cheeks and go right in from there.


A further popular posture is for the recipient to be on their bed with their legs outstretched, or behind their neck, if they’re a master dominatrix. “Use a cushion to support up their pelvis,” Matatas advises, “so your neck doesn’t tire out from that strenuous position.” You would really like to tip their butthole up so that you can gorge yourself like a king.


It’s also fascinating to experiment with face-sitting, but it may be tough both for the provider and the recipient. Use a pillow to prop up your head and move your face closer to their anus. To assist maintain their weight off their knees and thighs, the person being circled can utilize a mattress or a block. You may also conduct a reverse face-sit, in which the recipient sits on your face but faces the other direction.

Anilingus 69

You can simply move into cunnilingus 69 from the reverse face-sitting position (so they can do oral on you as you lick their bottom). To conduct oral sex on the companion who is lying down, the one on top just leans all the completely forward. It’s a win-win situation!

What are the Best Techniques for Eating Ass?

Ass eating is more than just spreading your cheeks and sucking them. You could do all that, and you both could love it, but if you want to be more creative, you have many other possibilities.
We came up with a list of eating-ass ideas and approaches.

Ass Eating Tips

                                                Fig – Ass Eating Tips

Of course, you should also inquire about your partner’s preferences. That ought to be your go-to, but we understand that many newbies to rimming may not know what they prefer, and even if they do, articulating it may be tough. So here are a few pointers:

Use more than your tongue

The anus folds have many nerve endings and fill the bloodstream as the receiver’s body becomes more stimulated and relaxed. Make circles with your tongue around them.

Give Pleasure to Surrounding Anal Areas

To activate the inner thighs, back muscles, and genitals, suck the butt crack and use a vibrator or even your own hand.

Try putting yourself in a position where the recipient is in command.

Try face-sitting, which allows the recipient more control over where their anus rests on your tongue and chin by allowing them to wiggle their butt.

Explore with speed, direction, and pressure to see what works best for eating ass.

Allow one method to develop accuracy and flow before moving on to the next. Inquire if the recipient likes it quicker or slower, harsher or gentler. Use their feedback and make changes depending on their choices.

Against their anus, flatter the base of your tongue.

This increases the surface area of your tongue, resulting in greater moisture and stress for your partner with each lick.

Take Eating Ass to the Next Level

Assuming you’re performing eating ass on a man, you have more scope to investigate different spaces of his body, then, at that point, return to the rear-end (with ladies, you must be mindful so as not to lick the vagina subsequent to licking the rear-end). Take a stab at playing with his perineum and balls.

So, here we come to the end, where we provided you with all the required information you need to know about eating ass. Take the protection, be hygienic and go for it. Try something different today with your partner’s ass.

General FAQs 

 How to prepare for eating ass?

Ans:- First of all love your partner’s ass, your special person’s ass. You must believe it’s the sweetest, sexiest butt ever, and try to make the recipient feel great before eating ass.

Is cleaning the ass necessary before eating ass?

Ans:- Yes hygiene is very necessary before foreplay as your butt is very dirty normally. Pee, and clean before starting the foreplay.

What can be the first step for eating ass?

Ans:- Try to tease your partner’s ass before licking or getting into the foreplay.

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