Coronil Kit Ayurvedic Drug: Claims to Cure COVID-19 Patients

Coronil Ayurvedic Drug: Claims to Cure COVID-19 Patients

Coronil Kit launched by Patanjali which claims to cure COVID 19 patients within3-14 days. They claim 100 percent favorable results with the use of the Coronil kit without any side effects.

Patanjali launched the corona ayurvedic coronil kit in the midst of the corona crisis. The says 100 percent of the drug result has been shown during the clinical trials.

Patanjali has asked for the approval of testing this ayurvedic medicine for the COVID 19 treatment.

COVID-19 is a serious pandemic that started from the Wuhan city of China. More than 200 countries are suffering from this pandemic and trying to find new ways of treatment.

SARS-CoV-2 is the RNA virus that affects the immune system of the body. People with low immunity at the high risk of this Pandemic.

As per the Patanjali, Coronil kit is very effective in the treatment of the Corona Virus. But the reality will come after the use of this medication. There is no report available yet for the clinical trial of this drug.

There is no scientific evidence is available that can claims the authentic treatment of COVID-19 treatment. Even the vaccines are being tested by many countries.

What is Coronil Kit?

What is Coronil Kit?

Coronil is lunched by Patanjali for the treatment of Coronavirus at the price of Rs545/perkit. This kit is a combination of three ayurvedic medications including Coronil, Shwasari, and Anu Tel.

This medication has been manufactured by the Patanjali Research Insitute and National Institute of Medical Science.

This Kit would be available at the online e-commerce website and at the Patanjali stores.

The claims will be verified by the AYUSH ministry. Moreover, the ministry has asked for the complete details about the Coronil kit including name, composition, institutional ethics, research studies, and result data.

Coronil Kit Medication

This includes a combination of three medication, Here, is the list of medication that has been claimed for the treatment of COVID 19


It is the medicine introduced by Patanjali Research Insitute. It has claimed, this medication is manufactured for the pandemic after getting a report of randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials on COVID 19 patients.

As per the source, this medication can cure corona in 7 days. It contains pure Giloye, Tusli, and Aswagandha.


Shwasari is introduced for the treatment of respiratory tract infections such as cough, cold, and fever. In addition to this, this American will provide strength to the respiratory tract.

Anu Tel

This medication comes in liquid form as a Nasal drop. It has been claimed that it will increase immunity that is the most important part of the treatment of COVID 19.

How does Coronil work for COVID-19

Coronil is the combination of natural herbs including Giloye, Tusli, and Ashwagandha. These herbs have the unique property of antiviral and provide the strength of the immune system.

However, we are here to provide you complete details on the Ayurvedic herb’s mechanism on the body.


Ashwagandha for the COVID-19

Ashwagandha is an old medicinal herb that is known as Withania somnifera, Indian ginseng, and winter cherry. It has been used for over 2000 years for the treatment of various health conditions.

The chemical compound presents in the shrub can reduce the inflammation, lower the blood pressure, and boost immunity.

This is one of the ingredients present in the coronil kit that is launched by Patanjali.

Benefits of ashwagandha

It can reduce the blood sugar level. As per the study, it can increase insulin secretion that lowers the blood sugar level. As per the trial of 4 weeks, it has been found that in the reduction of blood sugar level both in healthy as well as diabetic patients.

It is believed that it may kill the cancer cells by the formation of oxygen reactive species. Moreover, as per animal study reports, this herb is beneficial for lung cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.

It reduces the level of cortisol hormone that is the main cause of someone in the body. Moreover, cortisol may lead to elevation of blood sugar levels and fats on the stomach.

Ashwagandha is well known for stress reduction by booking the stress pathway in the brain.

Several studies that have claimed ashwagandha helps to reduce the inflammation. It boosts up the immune system and activates the immune cells to fight against the inflammation

Ashwagandha for the COVID-19 treatment

As per the research of IIT Delhi, ashwagandha is the most potent and widely used medicinal herb that can be useful in the treatment of COVID-19.

As per the study of AIST, Japan with the IIT Delhi introduced that ashwagandha can prove to be an important medicine for the treatment of corona patients.

Ashwagandha has considered as the natural immunity boosting agent. If it is used in the right quantity and dosage, it can stop the spread of the novel COVID-19.

Side Effects of Ashwagandha
  • It is unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • It can reduce the blood sugar level
  • People with low blood pressure should avoid this medication. It lowers the blood pressure.
  • It can cause GIT irritation
  • It can elevate the Thyroid hormone level

NOTE:- There is no valid proof is available that can claim the ashwagandha for the treatment of the novel coronavirus. 



Giloye is an ayurvedic medicine that has been used for the treatment of various health conditions. It is known as Tinospora cordifolia. In Sanskrit, it is named Amrita and it is approved by the FDA.

Giloye is well known for the immunity booster. Moreover, it is a powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body. In addition to all these, it purifies the blood, fights bacteria & viruses.

Giloye is an antipyretic that can treat life-threatening conditions such as Dengue, Swine Flu, and Malaria. It is beneficial in improving digestion and bowel-related disease.

It is an anti-inflammatory herb that can reduce inflammation and useful in the treatment of frequent cough, cold, and fever.

Consuming giloye can reduce the frequent fever that is one of the major signs of coronavirus. Moreover, it can treat respiratory tract infections including cold and cough.

Giloye is the ingredient that presents in the coronil kit for the treatment of coronavirus.

Side Effects of Giloye

There are no major side effects has reported for this herb. It is a natural and safe herb that is widely used for the treatment of various health conditions as mentioned above.


This plant is also known as Basil which has many medicinal properties.  The leaves have benefits in the respiratory tract infection including cough and cold.

Tulsi is one of the ancient ayurvedic herbs that can help to boost up the immunity. This herb was suggested by the Ayush ministry for the boost up immunity. However, this herb can reduce the chances of infection and help you to recover faster.

It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. In addition to all these, it also helps to reduce the inflammation.

For the COVID-19 there is no authentic evidence about the tulsi but it can be used to boost immunity. It will reduce the risk of this pandemic.

Tulsi as an immunity booster presents in coronil kit.

Side effects of Tulsi

No major side effects of tulsi have been reported yet.

The Bottom Line

Coronil kit is available has been launched by Patanjali in the midst of the COVID-19 Crisis. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has claimed there is no major side effects with the kit and it can cure the COVID-19 perfectly.

It was also claimed a clinical trial with the kit on 69 patients and the result was 100 percent. The Ayush ministry has asked for the proof.

The question is that if it will cure the corona, it will change the mindset of people worldwide about the Ayurveda.


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