CMP Test- Blood Sampling , Uses, Procedure and Results


CMP is the procedure of measurement of the body components through the process of blood sampling. Moreover, CMP uses as screening tools to measure the health of your organs and find out the disorders especially diabetes, kidney issues, and other health condition.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel includes 14 tests to detect the function of organs. It should be noted that CMP is also a part of your routine check-up however most of the doctors recommend CMP for the analysis of organ function inside of your body.

Generally, patients are asked for the 7-12 hours to have fast before blood sampling.

Here, we are providing complete information about CMP procedure, blood sampling, and why CMP used for?

CMP Test-Blood Sampling

The blood test is a scientific procedure of the blood samples in the laboratory. This is the procedure of withdrawing blood samples for the analysis of CMP. The blood sample is generally withdrawn from the vein in the arm with the help of a hypodermic needle or directly through fingerpicks.

However, a blood test is also very useful in the examination of unwanted microorganisms in the body. CMP is the process of blood tests that helps the doctor to find out the disease and disorder in the human body.

The Procedure of CMP Test


Accuracy of lab tests is a very important factor for both patient and doctor. Whether you are feeling something unusual with the body or you want your routine checkup, your doctor needs to know all information about the function of the body organs.

CMP is the basic test to get most of the information about your body function.

Few Basic Steps before CMP Test

  • You have to stop eating and drinking for 8 to 12 hours before collecting the blood sample.
  • You have to share all information with the doctor about medication that you are taking because there are several medicines that may affect your actual result of the lab tests.
  • If possible you can give your blood sample in the morning before having breakfast.

CMP Blood Sampling

A lab in charge will take the blood sample with the help of a needle. This is performed with safety and a fresh needle.

  • Clean the surface area of skin with the alcohol
  •  Tie the tourniquet tightly above the vein area to swell with the blood.
  • Use a hypodermic needle and inject it into the swollen blood vein.
  • Pull the syringe to collect the sample into a vial.
  • Remove the tourniquet carefully from hand
  •  Remove the needle carefully.
  • At last clean the surface with alcohol-based antiseptic.
  • Once the blood sample has been collected by lab assistance, the area is covered by cotton.
  • An infant this test may perform by puncturing the heel with a small lancet.
  • This procedure just takes near about 2-3 minutes.

Risk Factors of CMP

There is no major risk while Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Test. You may feel slight pain during sample collection. An infant may feel more than adults because they are more sensitive. You can distract them while collecting the sample.

CMP Test Performance

CMP Test
Blood sampling from the finger. CMP Test

Blood Albumin Liver Protein level CMP Test

This test helps to count the albumin level in the blood. The liver produces albumin and helps to the proper transformation of the hormones, medicine, and enzymes within the body.

Normal Range of Albumin =3.5 to 5.4g/dL.

A lower level of albumin means you are having malnutrition however it indicates that you are suffering from liver disease.

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Blood Alkaline Phosphate level CMP Test

ALP is an enzyme present in the liver, bones, and digestive system. ALP test measures the total count of ALP enzymes.

  • Normal Range of ALP enzyme=44 to 147IU/L
  • A higher level of ALT indicates liver damage from hepatitis, cirrhosis, and the cancer in the liver.
  • A lower level of ALP enzyme may affect the bones and teeth.

Blood Calcium Level Test

This test is done for the count of calcium in the blood.

  • Normal Calcium level= 8-10mg/dL
  • High calcium level refers to hypocalcemia. This may result in bone pain, muscle pain, and stomach pain.
  • Low calcium levels may affect your kidneys disorder.

Blood Glucose Level CMP Test

This helps to measure the glucose levels in the blood. It helps to diagnose diabetes.

  • The normal level of Glucose
  • A fasting sugar level=less than 100mg/dL
  • After two hours of eating =less than 140mg/dL
  • Before glucose tests, patients should take a balanced diet.
  • Low glucose levels may cause weakness, anorexia, and kidney problems.

Blood Total protein Level CMP Test

CMP helps to measure other protein levels in the blood. Proteins are responsible for the building blocks of all cells and tissues.

Blood Sodium Level CMP Test

Sodium is essential for normal body function including brain and muscle function.

Normal Range= 135 to 145 mEq/L

Bicarbonate (Total CO2) CMP Test

This is responsible to maintain the acid-base balance.

Blood Urea Nitrogen CMP Test

High blood urea nitrogen level may affect the kidney thus it is the main reason of Urinary tract obstruction.

  • A low level of urea may indicate liver disease.
  • Normal Range of urea= 8-15mmol/L

Blood Bilirubin Level CMP Test

This test is to measure the level of bilirubin in the blood. This is a yellow substance responsible for the normal color of the stool.

Bilirubin consists of two forms:-

  • Conjugated bilirubin: – This is directly dissolved in water.
  • Unconjugated bilirubin: -This cannot dissolve in water.
  • Normal level of bilirubin =0.2 to 1.2 md/dL.

A higher level of bilirubin is responsible for jaundice. This is generally caused by liver disease that is known as hepatitis.

The blood Level of Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) CMP Test

This is a type of enzyme that is mostly found in the liver and muscles. This test is performed to diagnose liver problems.

  • The normal level of AST= 10 to 40 units per liter.
  • A high level of AST in blood indicates the chances of jaundice and mononucleosis.

The Blood Level of Creatinine with estimated GFR CMP Test

This is generally for the examination of kidney performance.

The normal level of GFR= above 90.

If the level of GFR is under 15 that is the indication of kidney failure.

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CMP Report Collection

It takes a few hours to hand over the final lab result of CMP or sometimes it may take one day. You will have to wait for reports and after collecting the report you can go to the doctor for a check-up.

CMP report is usually made with the comparison of reference data. Reference data will show you the normal range of particles. If your report comes in the range of reference data that means you have nothing to worry about your health.

If your CMP test report doesn’t match with the reference data that means something is wrong with the body and you need to visit the doctor to understand the health conditions.

Things that Affects CMP Results

  • Most of the medicines such as steroids, insulin hormones, and antibiotics.
  • Eating just before the CMP test can be a result of the wrong report.
  • Damaging of blood particles while sampling.
  • The wrong procedure of withdrawing blood samples.

General FAQs

What tests are measured in CMP?

Ans. Glucose, Calcium, Sodium, Albumin, Total protein and bilirubin measurement are checked in CMP. Glucose is the main source of energy that helps the body to function properly. Calcium is the mineral responsible for bone strength. Albumin is the protein that presents in the liver and digestive system.

What is the CMP test?

Ans. CMP is a Comprehensive metabolic panel test that is especially helpful to collect information about the body organs and fluid concentration. Moreover, this is the best way to know about something is wrong within your body. It helps doctors to diagnose the disease and disorder.

 Do you need to fast for a CMP test?

Ans.  a patient has to fast for 10-12 hours before giving a blood sample for CMP test however fasting before the test would give the exact report in comparison to reference data.

 How much time for the final report of CMP?

Ans.  It may take a few hours or sometimes it may take 24 hrs.

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