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can you smoke while fasting

Today, my friend asked me a question, as she knows I am blogging for But I failed to answer her question that she can I smoke while fasting or not? This is why, after collecting and researching deep information, I will try to summarize my opinion on various questions related to “smoking while fasting”.

Can you smoke while fasting? My answer: It depends on what you are aiming for? If you are fasting for a blood sugar test then as per scientific facts, smoking on fasting won’t break your fast. This is because it doesn’t considerably impact fasting blood sugar levels and also not trigger any of the insulin reactions.

But if you are governing fast for religious norms like Ramadan or Hinduism then my answer is, No you shouldn’t smoke while fasting. You will know later in this post why I am saying so. You can jump directly to this section.

I am not going to waste your time in advising you to stop smoking. But I suggest you to read our article on 15 Reason Why Smokers Shouldn’t Ignore Lemon Water.

What fasting really is?

As a proper definition of fasting, it is a willing avoidance of few or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.

Types of Fasting

If you fasting then you should know which type of fasting you are up for. There are basically two types of fasting as per avoidance of food.

First is absolute fast or dry fast. It is simple but makes you feel like you are in a desert without food and water. So, it is the avoidance of all types of food and water or fluid for a period of time.

While as per name water fasting, you only constrict yourself on glasses of water or tea. Just like you are on a trip and only left are a couple of water bottles. I am kidding, I wish you have plenty of food for your long trip.

Based on the Objective

The various types of fasting based on what they are aimed for:

Fasting for religious Norms: You know what I mean to say here. Fasting for your spiritual gurus to show their devotion and sacrifice. These are generally done by showing your devotion to your religions norms.

For medication Purposes: If you had surgery, you know what the pain of un-willing sacrifice of food is? As in most surgery, there is a strict procedure to be emptied stomach before any surgical blade incised your skin.

Fasting losing weight: I was a tummy boy, and I know when you are on fasting to lose weight, all your tummy-belly kick your ass to show carving notation in your head to demonstrate you to eat.

It more than enough information on fast and their type. Now, let’s go further on our topic one by one.

Smoking while fasting for religious Norms?

Can I smoke when fasting for religious Norms like Ramadan? No, you can’t chew or smoke tobacco while fasting for Ramadan.

Why I am saying this, because in most of the religious fasting including Muslims, Hindus Jainism, etc. you have to restrict yourself from all sorts of food or the things that pleasures you.

These are majorly performed to show your sacrifice and devotion to your spiritual gurus.

So, you can understand from now that fasting is not just about starving, it is about the sacrifices of our basic needs, desires, and habits which included the sex, movies, alcohol, and smoking (or any desires) that bring you pleasure.

Can you smoke while fasting for Ramadan?

If you are a Muslim you know that religious fast like Ramadan fast has one more reason for forbidden smoking.

In Islam, in their holy interval of fasting, Muslims have to fast with the empty stomach. They are not allowed to put any particle rather food or not to the stomach even the mouth spit is prohibited.

Now you wonder, smoking has to do with lungs only. What it has to be with my fasting for Ramadan? As we can’t eat smoke into the tummy, we just blew smoke into the lungs. But sadly this is just a myth.

Because some particles from smoking can reach to your stomach, which reflects that you would break the fast. You can reach our dedicated article on fasting for Ramadan.

And this rule also applies to smoke weeds or marijuana in fasting for Ramadan. So have you get your answer “Can you smoke while fasting for Ramadan?”

General Quick FAQs :-

Can a Muslim smoke when fasting for Ramadan?

No, you won’t. Because some chemicals from smoking can reach your stomach which is prohibited in the Islamic fast.

Can a Hindu smokes on his fast?

So these points will also apply to Hindus?

If you are Hindu you might know about Karva Chauth fast, Navratri fast, etc. Answering dedicatedly to Hinduism is like an untold story with a conflict to be true.

I said so because there are no fixed rules for fasting in Hinduism unless you are performing a particular Vedic sacrifice or a traditional ritual which is again, should be guided by the priest or your spiritual guru.

But if you are truly devoted yourself to god’s worship fast then you should take your cigarette butt down and let it rest in its packet.

This is true in all Hindus fasting like Karva Chauth fast, Monday fast, Tuesday fast or Navratri fast.

Can we smoke in Karva Chauth fast and Navratri Fast?

I wouldn’t answer it. As there were no fixed rules for fasting in Hinduism.

But as per my opinion, you should sacrifice the cigarettes at least one day of fasting. As fasting is not about you, it about your spirituality and there is no place of smoking in it.

Fasting while Smoking for Various Blood Test

At first, I answer why in some blood tests you need to fast? The answer is straight when you eat or drink, nutrients get absorbed into your bloodstream. It could affect your blood sugar test reports.

That could be the reason for misleading blood reports and their medication based on these reports can also jeopardize your health as well as your bank.

Can I smoke while fasting for blood test?

There are basically two major types of blood tests that require fasting;

Glucose Test: They are generally performed to diagnose diabetes. And you have to fast for a minimum of eight hours before the syringe puncher’s your skin.

And the second one is the Lipid test, where triglycerides and cholesterol were diagnosed.

Here also emerges a question, “Can I Smoke while fasting for Blood sugar test?

Yes, you could smoke while fasting for a blood sugar test. But you shouldn’t smoke when you have an empty stomach which we discuss in the health section.

What Research says:

This is based on the study by Rehder, of Effect of Smoking on the Fasting Blood Sugar and Pressor Amines, based on the clinical survey conducted on a total of 24 normal males aged from 26 to 35 years under basal conditions.

Blood had been analyzed before and after smoking 2 cigarettes. All the subjects were used to smoke 2 cigarettes each of at least two-thirds in one hour before draining blood from the body.

So, nicotine in cigarettes doesn’t significantly change the blood sugar levels. Hence smoking won’t break your fast for blood sugar test.

But smoking is a cause of insulins resistance, which you will find later in this post.

Can I smoke before a blood test?

It depends on what type of blood test you are going to. As said earlier, in blood sugar tests when you smoke one-two cigarettes then there is not much significant change in result.

Can a diabetes patient smoke while on fast?

Yes, you would smoke when you are on a fast but not that much. Because you may develop a condition where you need more dosages of insulins.

So its better to avoid smoking too many cigarettes on fasting. Why! the answer is waiting for you.

Nicotine can make you some sort of baby elephant, not biological by physically. Oh Yes! This is true.

When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine triggers the production of triglycerides, which is a type of fat that causes insulin resistance which I mentioned earlier.

On fasting, as there is no food so the number of triglycerides becomes less, and this is the reason why your pajamas tend to lose on your waist.

These above phases of the line don’t give you a license to smoke in fast.

What else the effect of nicotine on your body? You are surprised to know that it raises the level of hormones that fight insulin.

So, again increases the blood sugar levels in prolonged fasting usually more than 2 days.

This is why smokers who have diabetes need more doses of insulins syringes. 

That again! It Hurts.

When your blood sugar levels increase, your body’s health is eaten by these chemicals along with high levels of sugar, they all together build up a team that damages your constantly beating heart, and kidneys, nerves and again your eyes.

Can I smoke marijuana or weed while fasting?

If this question might be like, “Would you smoke marijuana while fasting?” 

My answer is definitely NO, but if you are willing to smoke you could. And don’t think that it would reduce your stomach’s carving sensation.

Can you smoke marijuana or weed while fasting?

As per religious norms like Ramadan, The clear-cut answer is a BIG NO!

Yet medically taking, if you have high insulin resistance due to smoking when on fasting then you could switch to smoking marijuana. This is because a recent study illustrated that cannabis can help you to reduce insulin resistance.

But again, I am not going to advise you to do so, as it is far better to consult a doctor rather than smoking or vaping marijuana to reduce your insulin resistance.

Does smoking marijuana break my fast?

Yes, it probably does when you are fasting for religious practicing like Ramadan.
And fasting for blood sugar, it won’t break your fast. It only reduces insulin resistance which is good for health.

But temporarily, it may hide your actual insulin resistivity and hence can hinder your actual blood sugar report to a small extent.

Smoking when fasting for surgery

Oh! Man surgery is a thing no one wants to encounter except facial surgery. 

So, it is good to smoke in fasting for surgery? I definitely say No, it couldn’t ever be a good idea to smoke cigarettes even if you are fully fit.

Smoking along with fasting mostly shows the post-surgical effects on the body of smokers.

Therefore, if you smoke cigarettes when starving then it would be considering going to affect you. This can be perfectly correlated with “you reap what you sow”

Let’s wrap the post effect of smoking on your surgical injury:

1. Decreases the blood flow: Smoking decreases blood flow making surgical injuries closed and heal slowly.

2. Increase chances of infection: The slow healing and closing of wounds increasing the chance of getting infections in surgical wounds.

3. Weakens the immune system: Smoking furthermore weakens the immune system, which increases the chances of fighting spirit from infections and foreign body.

So only these, No wait! There are also some surgeries where smokers encountered more complexities than non-smokers. These are listed as;

1. Bone or joint surgeries: bones take a longer time to heal and recover.

2. Plastic Medical Surgeries: A higher chance of scarring.

3. Breast Reconstruction Surgeries: bound to lose implants.

4. Surgical Spinal Treatments: A higher chance of contaminated infection.

These are symptoms are mostly seen in the case of heavy smokers. If you are a normal smoker than you are good to go. 

But in the case of fasting for the spine and orthopedic surgeries, the risk is very much higher. So, you should ignore smoking till you are done with surgeries but and till you get fully recovered.

Should you smoke while fasting for surgery?

No, you shouldn’t smoke when you are fasting for the surgery. Because smoking mostly shows the post-surgical effects like slow healing and closing of surgical wounds and cuts. 

Second-Hand Smokers and Children:

One more thing, if you are a second-hand smoker having heavy smokers surrounding, then my friend it is also an issue with regards to surgery.

For instance, children are more prone to get affected by second-hand smoking. They show the symptoms of slow healing and other complexities after surgeries.

I have an advice for you, and please don’t let yourself down, once your upcoming surgery date would be seated.  Stop consuming cigarettes until after surgery, you get completely fit or certified fit by a physician.

You can also use the date of surgery as a motivation to quit smoking. But this is not going to happen soon. 

Does smoking reduce hunger of fasting?

When you skip a meal your stomach signals the brain to put some food in the stomach. And as the time increases, the carving is more and you feel a syndrome called “put some shit in the tummy”. 

From now you get tempted towards the cigarette’s packet and then your brain seems smoking to be a good option.

The smoking could decrease your appetite of hunger and makes you stay on the track of fasting, and keeps your body to feel less anxiety. 

Nicotine from smoking also triggers a pleasurable sensation with a relaxed feeling. 

Surprise! How is this possible? How smoking cigarettes reduce hunger?

The answer is dopamine. When you smoke, a chemical called nicotine, an appetite suppressant that simulates to release a chemical known as dopamine. 

The released dopamine is analogous to the pleasure of eating your favorite sweets and foods like cheese pizza with grilled meatballs and soda, or what you love to eat.

Other similar chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine also get released when you experience happiness and pleasure. These all neurochemicals stimulate and help to suppress hunger.

Another supportive answer to hunger reduction in fasting while smoking is, Adrenaline. Nicotine in the bloodstream also triggers adrenaline which can help in a temporary relaxing stomach’s hunger.

Another positive side of smoking on fasting for weight loss is that it increases the metabolism of your body.

So, with the increase in metabolism, there is an increase in the beating of the heart. Hence, faster the heart, faster the burning of fat and faster you lose weight.

This is why running is more preferable to walking for weight loss.

This also explains the condition, why some smokers gain a couple of weight when they stop smoking.

Again smoking can’t replace your meal, So, it’s better to avoid it. And it is a dangerous habit to take interest when you are fasting.

Smoking while Fasting for Weight Loss 

When you drastically cut your calorie intake, you will be more prone to lose weight. It is a win-win situation, Right!

But the case may be different when you smoke while fasting for weight loss.

Can you smoke while fasting for weight loss
Can I smoke while fasting for weight loss?

Smoking on fasting for weight loss is an alarming sign to your health. This is because; 

It can likewise cause a wide range of medical issues, including muscle loss. Muscle loss weakens your overall strength and joints tendons. 

So, this is the first reason not to smoke when you are on a timeline of fewer calorie consumption.

But a bunch of sprouts and protein-rich food in your diet can help your protruding shining muscles from degrading.

Further, when you begin fasting, your body goes into conservation mode. This is mainly due to the restriction of the consumption of calories which makes you sluggish like a zombie.

You tend to feel sluggishness because of two reasons. First, you are cutting the extra dopamine that you get from smoking while slicing in calories adds more sluggishness to your body.

If you feel sluggishness then I have good news, that is, it might be temporary and might be decreased or even stops. But again that’s not a sure thing.

Remember that doing fasting as a medium of weight loss when you are smoking, will not going to let you anywhere except digging more in your fitness bills.

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Does nicotine break your fast? Nicotine Patches & Gums 

Technically it depends, what is the aim of fasting.

As you know, nicotine not only arises from your cigarette smoking but also the replacement therapy like nicotine gum and nicotine patches. 

As nicotine does not increase your blood sugar level that much, hence you are good to smoke in this case. 

But if you are fasting for the religion like Ramadan fast, Tuesday fast or Monday fast then you should avoid smoking nicotine.

But for nicotine patches, yes! You can use nicotine patches in religious fast.

This is because it directly adheres to skin and delivers nicotine directly to the bloodstream that overcomes the disadvantages of nicotine gums and tobacco smoking.

As you know nicotine gums there is the possibility of reaching nicotine into the stomach that is prohibited in some religious fast like Islamic fast.

Now again the most asked the question, Does nicotine break intermittent fasting?

No, it won’t break the intermittent fast. In the case of intermittent fasting which is usually for weight loss, nicotine doesn’t seem to break the fast.

As I stated earlier, nicotine can help you from reducing the carving sensation in your stomach.

But you should hold yourself not to smoke, as you are degrading your health.

Does Nicotine Gums break’s my fast?

Yes, it could, because these gums not only have nicotine but also the added sugar which will definitely break your fast even you are fasting for sugar test or for religious norms.

But if the nicotine gums are sugarless then it doesn’t considerably alter the fast sugar test results.

While any type of nicotine gums are not recommended in religious fasting especially Islamic fasting. One can use nicotine patches in this type of fasting. Check our post on how to use nicotine patches.

Health issues of Smoking while fasting

As you know smoking is not a thing that is not advisable even when your stomach is full of pizza and a diet coke.  And in the empty stomach, it appears to more disastrous effects on the body.  

Health Issues of smoking while Fasting
Health Issues of smoking while Fasting

As you already know that smoking induces cancer-causing chemicals to your blood-stream and harms your body.

Hence these chemicals are progressively more harmful to the body when your tummy hasn’t taste food for a long period of time.

As to fresh your knowledge, tobacco smoke is comprised of thousands of chemicals, including not less than 70 known carcinogenic substances.

Some name seems to be fancy and some of them are well known to you, like nicotine, the addictive substance and key elements for physical dependency.

Other well-known chemicals are hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, tar, and carbon monoxide.

But I bet you never thought about following two chemicals, wear your mask it’s time for radioactive particles in tobacco smoke.

What! Yup, you read it right, a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, stated that tobacco smoke contains radioactive materials such as polonium-210 and lead-210.

A large number of these substances cause cancer growth. While some can cause coronary illness, lung diseases, or other medical issues.

Smoking cause Insulin Resistance

Finally, we reach this topic, I thank you for being here in this reading journey. 

Before going further, smoking resistance is a condition when the body starts to resist the signal that the hormone insulin tries to send.

Ok, It’s time to know how nicotine will affect a diabetic patient. 

When you light up a cigarette, nicotine starts getting absorbed in your blood where it changes the regular chemical process of insulin in the body. 

Here, the nicotine lasts in your blood for 1 to 3 days, and cotinine it’s metabolite, can be there for nearly 10 days.

Therefore, in order to get insulin from the bloodstream, cells now start removing sugar from them. This increases the blood sugar level.

I know it seems to contemporary but there is a considerable change in the amount of sugar level in the blood and these changes start when you smoke too much on fasting.

No, No! It’s not finished yet. Smoking too many cigarettes can raise the chance of type 2 diabetic condition while worsening your diabetes.

If you smoke too many cigarettes and drowned insulin in blood then you may cause severe low blood glucose (hypoglycemia). This is a true symptom of insulin resistance.

Rapidly harms Your CNS

As many of you know nicotine is a CNS depressant, and fasting makes your body more vulnerable to attack by foreign microorganisms. 

In this situation, your body doesn’t have too much full energy like other days of non-fasting. Hence fighting metabolisms slow down and you are more prone to get infected and ill in fasting.

It also elevates the danger by showing other symptoms of nicotine overdose such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. So, it is better to leave the cigarette in its packet.

Smoking while fasting also harshness and elevated the level of cotinine in the blood increase the chances of lung cancer. And these all are the sign of nicotine overdose from smoking or nicotine replacement therapy.

These generally occur in heavy smokers, and also when you are fasting for 3-5 days or more

Nicotine overdose is in the big pictures of harmfulness caused by smoking and vaping during a fast. The person can surely be recovered from it but recovery is slow.

Impact on Cardiovascular systems

We all know that smoking damages your whole cardiovascular system. But when you are fasting, damages are at another level.

More nicotine in blood while less amount of food can cause tightness in veins which can decrease the streamflow of blood.

And as you add more cigarettes in your lungs, you digging more nicotine in your bloodstream and hence more the vein contraction.

And progressing narrowing of the vein raises the pulse, weakens vein walls, and builds blood clots. Together, they increase the risk of peripheral artery disease, which sounds to be unhealthy!

Even if you are lite smoker, when you smoke on fast then the resultant nicotine action seems to be as strong as a heavy smoker with a conclusion more vein contractions and higher the risk of strokes.

So if you smoke a couple of cigarettes in an empty stomach, the effect is going to be approximately two times to the on the non-fasting nourished stomach.

But it could be in theory only, but simple logic dictates its possibility.

There are many studies and theories show that fasting improves your skin health.

But there is no conclusive evidence of what smoking does with skin in fasting.

Substances in tobacco smoke can change the structure of your skin or cause cancer. 

But a study called Relation between smoking and skin cancer found that there is no significant association between smoking and nodular basal cell. 

But again this study defines an association between smoking and squamous cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer).

Indeed you can’t beat that smoking could cause higher rates of pancreatic disease and mouth cancer. 

And even the individuals who smoke cigarettes but don’t breathe into in lungs can face an increased risk of mouth cancer. And on fasting while smoking, the chances are getting more threatening.

Alarming Sign: fasting and smoking

Have you heard about the famous show of the Discovery channel, the Bear Grylls, he used to eat the things that are available in his adventure journey.

This is what research of the Penn State College of Medicine in the US stated. When you are fasting for a longer period usually more than 24 hours. The body begins to turn smoke’s harmful chemicals into nutrients.

Now the research clearly discovered that smoking cigarettes with a vacant stomach are more destructive.

As you expand your fasting to 3 to 4 days, there is more absorption of cigarette’s harmful chemicals.

And hence the body uses these chemicals more as nutrients. This also creates a dependency syndrome from nicotine.

If you wonder, what is the safest time period of smoking after fasting? so that your body doesn’t use these chemicals of smoking as the nutrients.

Sorry! But there is no such adequate time period that I disclosure here,

But it is the fact that even after fasting more than 12 and more hours like intermittent fasting, your body using smoke’s chemicals as nutrients. 

And again it depends upon the body type and your eating habits. 

How you stop the urge of Smoking while Fasting?

Smoking on fast has several fatal effects on your body mainly to the lungs and heart. So it is better to avoid them.

You can use the following tactics to tackle down your smoking habit in fasting;

1. Exercise: Exercise is one such preferable task that encourages you to get into shape as well as helps kick the ass of  nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

2. Use Distraction: Distract yourself from thoughts of smoking that occupy your mind. It does not only help you to deal with withdrawal symptoms of nicotine but also adds some freshness in your life. You can go for a walk or perform some lite activities, like yoga.

3. Care groups: Care groups for smoking suspension are additionally accessible to enable you to kick this bad habit out of your life.

4. Use quitting measures: Like nicotine patches or gums. You can also check our post on how to quit using nicotine patches. Some other techniques like hypnotherapy can be used.


Smoking is a dangerous and even deadly habit. It is one of the main causes of cancer. It also increases the risk of heart attacks, lung disease and other health problems such as bone fractures and cataracts.

But when you are on fast, smoking makes yourself more prone to these diseases because as said earlier your body begins to turn these harmful chemicals of tobacco into nutrients.

And as the time of fasting stretched to a period of 3-5 days, it can act to be more destructive.

So, it is better to put the packets of cigarettes in the dustbin when you are fasting. Because it is one of the best things that you could do for yourself.

General FAQs

Can I Smoke while fasting for the ultrasound?

No, you shouldn’t. It is advisable that you shouldn’t eat any things in the time span of a minimum of 6 hours before ultrasound except water.

Can we smoke on Monday Fast or Tuesday Fast?

I won’t answer it. But you should sacrifice smoking for the reason of fasting for spiritual and religious norms.

Can I smoke while water fasting?

Yup, you can. It wouldn’t affect that much on your body as compared to dry or absolute fasting.

Does Vaping break’s my fast?

If you are fasting for religious norms then you shouldn’t. And if you are fasting for sugar blood test then it won’t affect the insulin levels.

But be aware of adding sugar flavors because that definitely going to break your fast.

Does nicotine break intermittent fasting?

No, it won’t, nicotine won’t break your fast. And you can also use nicotine replacement therapies in intermittent fasting. 

But don’t smoke while you are on nicotine patches because it may cause nicotine overdose. Which further increase the physical dependency and other heart disease and abnormal bp levels. 

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