Calamine Lotion the Remedy for Skin: Top 5 Benefits & Uses

Calamine Lotion the Remedy for Skin: Top 5 Benefits & Uses

Calamine lotion is widely used in the treatment of acne, itchiness, sunburn, and wound treatment. This has been certified by WHO as an OTC medication. It can treat various skin problems.

It is the best therapy to get rid of dry skin and skin irritation. It has considered safe during pregnancy. Calamine lotion is a combination of zinc oxide and ferric oxide including other ingredients like phenol. The manufacturing of this lotion is done with calamine stones, zinc oxide powder, and distilled water. In addition to this, it also contains bentonite and glycerine.

As per the WHO, it is a vital medication that is safe and effective for skin treatments such as acne, dryness, burning, and many more. This comes in the category of generic medicine.

In 1992, as per the FDA, there is no scientific study that can claim, it can be used in the treatment of insect bites or skin rashes. But in Sept 2008 it was recommended by the FDA for a topical application.

In this article, you will get all the information related to Calamine lotion uses and benefits.

What is Calamine?

Calamine Powder

Calamine is pink in color due to the presence of iron oxide. This is the natural rock ore of zinc. It was discovered in the 19th century with the extraction of two minerals of zinc one of the zinc carbonate and another one is zinc silicates. It has been using for centuries. Calamine has therapeutic effects in itching.

 Properties of Calamine Lotion

  • Mild astringent
  • Cooling effects on skin
  • Remove excess oil on the face
  • This is dry.

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TOP 5 Benefits of Calamine Lotion

A multipurpose lotion that can treat your skin problems very easily. However, you must buy a lotion or you can prepare a solution at home. Moreover, it is the simplest way to relieve itching and treat the wound of your skin.

Get Rid of Acne with Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion

Hey, are you stressed with the worst acne? If yes, now you can treat it with the lotion. Acne is a condition of the facial wound,  which happens due to the clogging of oil glands and skin.

As per a few reports,  acne is a common problem of skin but it can be painful when it gets severe. It can cause a permanent scar or dark spot. Mostly, the face is affected by acne. This happens because the pores are blocked by excessive oil production, accumulation of dead skin, and bacteria development around the pores.

Calamine lotion can be used in the treatment of acne. However, it doesn’t cure the basic causes of acne. But is it the most effective in the treatment of acne spots. As the lotion has a drying property, it helps dry the pimples as well as minimize the production of excess oil.

You can use it to moisturize your skin on a regular as well.

Relief in Itching with Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion

Itching is an uncomfortable situation, which creates an impulse of scratching at a particular area. this is an uncomfortable situation that is a cause of internal illness, medications, and skin condition.

Conditions of Itching Situation

  • Excessive dryness of skin
  • Due to some kind of food allergy
  • Reaction of Medicines
  • Rashes
  • Wound
  • Insect Bite
  • Chickenpox
  • Poison ivy

One of the best therapy of itching is the Calamine lotion topical. It has an astringent property, which leaves cooling sensation in the affected area. This can help you to get symptomatic relief.

This is also known as an anti-itch topical moisturizer. It is widely used in the treatment of various skin irritation, which is caused by pregnancy, chickenpox, insect bite, and many more.

Although, the mechanism behind the anti-itch is not well known. But it has been seen, it can slow down the bacterial growth and protect your skin.

 Calamine Lotion For Babies

Calamine lotion

As babies are too soft and sensitive, their skin is also too soft and tends to lose moisturizer very easily. Calamine lotion is recommended safe for your baby’s skin. It helps them to keep moisturize the whole day.

It helps to get rid of the baby’s rashes caused by the diaper. However, a combination of zinc creates a thin layer around the rash area that helps to stay away from moisturizers. Plus, it helps in soothing the rash area.

Babies are more prone to mosquito bites when they go out. These bites are too itchy for their skin. Applying the lotion around affected areas can provide relief.

Babies always want to try unusual things around them. Sometimes, it may cause injury or scratch. Calamine lotion is one of the best remedies for acute injury. Although, it as an astringent property that can heal damaged tissue of the skin.

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A Perfect Sunburn Cure for All Skin Types

Sun burn Cure

This is skin damage caused by exposure to the sun for some time. However, it can cause redness, swollen, tan, and irritation due to exposure to UV light. As per the report, more than 75% of the population gets affected by sunburn.

A sunburn skin requires a cooling effect around the affected area. Calamine lotion can relieve the severe itching caused by sunburn. Moreover, it can leave the cooling effect.

A combination of zinc creates a protective layer on the skin, which is useful to avoid UV rays. Apart from this, it can hydrate and soothe the affected area of skin very well.

A Good Therapy For Eczema

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory dermatitis that causes unwanted itching. The skin becomes dry and flaky. On the other hand, it will create an impulse of scratching.

A calamine lotion plays an important role in managing dermatitis. Moreover, applying lotion around the affected area relive the itching and dryness.

This lotion has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, which may lower the toxins and remove the microbes.

However, this can be used as the first aid treatment, which gives you asymptomatic relief.

How to Use Calamine Lotion?

This lotion is only for the topical application. Don’t try to take it orally, which can be poisonous for you.

Few Steps to Using the Lotion in a Right Way

  • Firstly, wash the area carefully with soap and wipe the water with soft tissue.
  • Shake the bottle of lotion carefully wet a clean cotton pad with the lotion
  • Gently swab the cotton pad at the infected area.
  • Let it get dry on the skin
  • Closed the bottle with a clean hand.
  • Keep it away from the sunlight

Side Effects of Calamine Lotion

Generally, it cannot cause any severe side effects. But if your skin is sensitive it may create few problems.

  • Excessive use of calamine lotion can cause skin dryness.
  • If you are having sensitive skin, it will cause itching and redness
  • Angioedema

Note:- If you feel any severe symptoms, just check with your doctor immediately. Otherwise, it can have bad effects on your skin.

Further Information

Calamine lotion is an OTC medication, which is used to treat multiple skin conditions. It is one of the best anti-itch medication. Moreover, it is a good topically applied antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory lotion. But if you are allergic to any of ingredient of this lotion, you should not apply it.

Keep this medication away from children and do not share same bottle of lotion with others.

If you get any allergic reaction after using this, immediately check with your doctor.


Is calamine lotion an anti-inflammatory?

Calamine lotion is recommended by the WHO  as an anti-inflammatory and anti-itch topically applied lotion. However, it can treat severe itching, rashes, sunburn, and insect bite.

Can you leave the calamine lotion overnight?

If you are suffering from acne, you can apply it to the affected area and leave it overnight as long as you can. But if you have sensitive skin then remove it in a few hours. However, it is an effective treatment of acne wounds.

What is the use of Lacto Calamine Lotion?

Lacto Calamine lotion balance the excessive oil production on the skin. It is the combination of zinc oxide, kaolin, and glycerine. However, it is very effective in the treatment of acne, sunburn, rashes, and other skin problems.

Is Calamine Lotion is Good for Fairness?

Basically a calamine lotion contains zinc oxide that lightens to the dark spots. It helps to keep moisturize the whole day and protect you in the sun-exposure.

Why is Calamine Lotion Pink?

Calamine lotion is made up of zinc oxide and ferric oxide. Along with these, it has a combination of phenol, glycerine, and kaolin powder. Ferric oxide is responsible for its pink color.

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