3 Ways to Send Sexual Energy more Effectively

When we send sexual energy and give it the right direction, we can create life. Sexual energy is indeed the most powerful energy that exists. The simple reason is that it is the only energy in the world capable of generating life.

Both you and I (and the rest of us) are the fruit of this energy. When we send sexual energy which arises from the sexual union of a man and a woman. This sexual energy is capable of creating a new living being.

Although it seems to be the most natural thing in the world. When you think about the sexual energy that all humans possess. It feels like an incredible miracle.

You have it, your parents had it and your children will have it.

5 ways to send Sexual Energy Effectively

Why sexual energy is so important

Like any other type of energy, sexual energy is not infinite energy. That is why we must learn both to cultivate it and to manage it in our favor.

Sexual energy is presented in our genitals. It can spread throughout the body. The Eastern traditions like Tao or Tantra greatly emphasize their importance in our lives. These traditions agree that wasting it by masturbating every day or watching porn is the worst way to manage it.

However, they claim that when we send sexual energy in the right direction (raise it to the higher chakras). We can achieve anything we want in our lives.

The Tao says that to create semen, each of the body’s organs gives its best cells. And it is very logical. Note that when this fluid joins opposite gender fluid, it can create a new human life.

How To Send Sexual Energy?

Sexual energy may consciously or subconsciously influence a person’s life, as Freud demonstrated. If we can’t send sexual energy, which gathers our purest biological survival instinct and spiritual transcendence ambition. We will definitely suffer more discomforts, frustrations, and tensions in our life. That is why different traditions have used various techniques to send sexual energy.

Sexual energy is found at the very root of human beings. If we believe that we can send sexual energy we will never fall into an illusion. It is possible to send sexual energy in its most direct manifestations. Which will only feed the phenomena of a neurotic and split existence.

But the real alternative to the sexual energy is this: affirm it or transform it. It is not a good idea to send sexual energy to someone who doesn’t understand sexual transmutation.

Techniques of Sexual Energy Transmutation

Techniques of Sexual Energy Transmutation -

Controlling Sexual Energy

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to stop ejaculating for the rest of your life.

What I am going to ask you is that you convert this act into a conscious action and that you train yourself. In choosing when you want to ejaculate and when you don’t want to let go of your divine essence.

Someone told us at some point that every sexual interaction had to end with ejaculation. However, let me tell you that this is not true and that someone was very limited by his belief.

Any sexual interaction can be beautiful and can be enjoyed through presence. awareness, and deep connection. Porn has told us that we should always end this way.

If you stop squirting intentionally, you will stay in that state when you believe that you will finish in just a few minutes. While your whole body is still full of energy and you are connected with yourself.

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Replace “masturbation” with loving self-touch

Don’t you think we’re ashamed enough already? So why are you becoming more agitated?

Replace "masturbation" with loving self-touch- Send Sexual Energy

I think you should switch from this activity, which just utilizes your energy and gives you intense, temporary pleasure, to a practice that will help you connect with yourself. For this, you need to dedicate some time to yourself.

The first thing is to prepare the space to be able to connect with yourself. You can play relaxing music, light incense, and some candles.

Once everything is set up, gently touch parts of your body that you usually don’t think about when you’re masturbating. You can also touch your genitals, but only to activate that fire that you have inside.

When you feel very excited, close to the point that leads you hopelessly to ejaculation, it is time to use these 3 keys of tantra:

1. Breathing

Have you noticed how you breathe just before ejaculating? You do it in a superficial and fast way.

Here’s another way to send sexual energy the right way. Breath deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth as you move and make the sound. You can also use the first two practices.

Use these three techniques starting from today. Every time you have a sexual relationship or want to send sexual energy. Whether you’re alone or with someone else.

This will let you send sexual energy. You’ll see that sexual energy will not just build up in your sexual organs but across your body. So you won’t have to masturbate to get rid of it.

2. Movement

Get your body moving. Your body contracts and shuts just before having an orgasm. It’s about doing the opposite here: expanding your body.

So raise your arms, stand up, jump, and do whatever movement works for you to mobilize all that energy.

3. Sound

Do not stay silent, make noise, guttural sounds, animal sounds, or any sound that helps you move that energy.

Sound is a wave, and this causes the energy to move from the genitals and spread throughout the body.

General FAQs

Signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually?

When you can sense them touching you and your twin flame’s physical sensations. You will sometimes dream about them in a sexual way. When they’re around, you’ll get goosebumps.

How to know if she is thinking about you sexually?

She will Keep Fixing Themselves and grab your attention and Gravitate Toward you. She Compliments You In Specific Ways. She may seem Nervous Around you and she will lick her lips.

Why can’t I stop having sexual thoughts about someone?

Here are some reasons why that might be: (1) They’re sending you mixed messages, which makes you overthink, (2) You’re a big daydreamer who gets stuck on unrealized hopes, (3)You love this person, (4) You’re crazy about them sexually, and (5) You’re in a relationship but don’t know where it’s going.

When someone is on your mind, does it mean you’re in love with them?

There is a small line between typical healthy behavior and obsessive thinking about someone all the time. When you’re in a serious or dating relationship, it’s natural to think about your love partner.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge of the art of sending or transmuting sexual energy is meaningless unless it has been practiced.

You might not have to trust my words for it when it comes to the advantages of sexual transmutation. Instead, I dare you to put it to the test and let your personal experience become your guide. Some may see the benefits within a very small time like 10 days, while others may need more than 30 days.

I know that this will be hard for most guys. This is why I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to meditate and work out regularly while doing this practice. Meditation practice will help you gain control over your desires.

Patience and perseverance will be required on the road to sexual transformation. You may fall many times, But there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do this as long as you’re ready to be patient and persistent.

I’m not telling you to stop having fun. Instead, I want you to put your sexual energy into something more rewarding than short-term pleasure. I would like to quote Napoleon Hill here.

“sending sexual energy requires more effort than the ordinary individual is willing to use for this objective.” Despite the need for self-control, the result of this is well worth the time and effort.”

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